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Roll ‘em, Tide.

In Athens, eating a marijuana brownie is grounds for suspension.

In Tuscaloosa, having more than 100 grams of marijuana and almost $5,000 in cash in your room doesn’t even merit an arrest.

Jimmy Williamson is speechless.

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PAWWWLLL, that’s not even enough to pay for the pinestraw!

Harvey Updyke has paid a whopping $99 of the $796,731.98 he owes in restitution to Auburn.

Maybe Finebaum could sponsor a fundraiser.


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Proof that football, classical art and Alabama don’t mix

Lo and behold.

Yee haw.

“The Birth of Offense” drawing will stay up on Druid City Brewing Company’s wall until further notice, or “until we lose a game or do horribly on offense,” Hick joked.

“I’m kidding,” he said. “We’re going to let it ride. We really believe in having fun here at Druid City Brewing.”

At least until Junior leaves T-town.


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Friday morning buffet

We’re getting closer.  Hungry yet?


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Saturday morning buffet

It’s time to eat.


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Run, Forrest.

You know, I sometimes wonder if there are days when Nick Saban looks around and asks, “what have I gotten myself into?”.


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Stay classy, Tide Nation.

Today’s life lesson:  If you’re in a bar in Nashville called “Losers Most Wanted” and somebody yells “Roll Tide!” at you, you might want to duck.


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