A little misdirection

A panel at Athlon looks at who might lead the SEC in rushing this season, starts by asking if it’ll be T.J. Yeldon and finishes in a different place.

I’m starting to think this Gurley kid might be pretty good.

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Putting the special back in special teams

The more I read about the realignment of staff duties with regard to special teams, the more I’m convinced that it’s not the reshuffling of coaches that may make a difference this season.  It’s the renewed focus on paying attention to special teams in practice that may.

No matter the coaches, Georgia did invest more practice time this past spring into special teams.

The Bulldogs typically spent two full periods, splitting them up into early and middle portions of practice “Which in some ways is kind of nice, because that’s how it is in the game,” Lilly said.
Richt said it was more this spring than Georgia had done in previous springs.

“Part of it is just to find who the special teamers are and who can do what but also to try to perfect some skills that they have to have to be good in the fall,” Richt said.

“We got a lot done,” Ekeler said, “and really it was just creating a profile on each one of these guys and seeing what their strengths are and what they can do. The schematics and all that, we’ll get that in fall camp. We know the guys right now who we’re targeting to be on those teams.”

It starts with no longer treating special teams like a bastard stepchild.  Evaluating personnel to see who best fits instead of sticking athletic freshmen and walk-ons there and spending valuable time honing skills is a good place to start.  Now if the staff can convince Richt to ditch the Logan Gray strategy for punt returns…


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“He is an elite back even if he’s a little overweight.”

Dang, I guess they’re serious about that losing weight thing.


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These kids think they’ve got it so hard.

You gotta love this:

  • Mike Gundy reminisces fondly about his offseasons as a college football player – There were still offseason workouts, but mostly ‘we hung out at the pool.’”
  • He then professes sympathy for what he asks out of his players today - “We didn’t have near the time commitment these guys have. They put in tremendous work,” Gundy said. “It’s a choice they make. They go out on their own in the summer, they put their time in. I think it’s a great teaching tool for them in life. You’re’ only going to get out what you put into something, and these guys learn about discipline, structure and accountability.”
  • And wraps it all up with the belief that college football will demand from them an even greater time commitment in the future - “I think the stock market in college football is going through the roof,” he said. “Four teams is going to draw more interest, and eventually it will go to eight because of the benefits and revenue that comes from the market for college football.”

They’d probably rather learn about how Gundy was able to parlay hanging out at the pool over the summer into a $30 million dollar contract.  Now there’s a life lesson.


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The incredible shrinking buyout

Remember all the speculation over how much Grantham owed UGA when he left for Louisville?  Turns out the actual number was a whopping $3,750.


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Take It All In, Georgia style

Based on this promo clip, the SEC Network knows what works if you’re a Georgia fan.

You can see all fourteen promos here.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Eat; you look hungry.

  • StingTalk is always good for a chuckle“We should be getting great press about how there were over 2000 people huddled under the eaves for an off season scrimmage in the middle of a 45 degree torrential downpour, which was the actual truth. That’s a positive trajectory for Tech sports.”  Bless your heart.
  • It occurs to me that it won’t be that hard to figure out the fair market value for college football players’ memorabilia, if it ever comes to that.
  • And here’s a handy guideline to all the major stuff currently on the NCAA’s plate.  Yeah, Mark Emmert can handle that.
  • This is actually a pretty good idea.
  • Mike Slive says nobody’s talked to him about lowering the mandatory number of varsity sports required to be a Division I program.  (Jim Delany punches his speed dial after reading that.)
  • Atlanta wants to host college football’s national championship game in 2018.
  • Good stuff from Jeremy Fowler – anybody tells you they know what the consequences of unionization will turn out to be is making it up right now.
  • Michael Elkon wonders how the mix of special admissions for college athletes, increased athletic demands on those same kids and the “scholarship ought to be compensation enough” concept can be sustained.


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