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Is Mark Emmert hinting at a way out of O’Bannon?

The NCAA president is all over the place in his remarks about student-athlete compensation at the IMG Intercollegiate Athletics Forum in New York City, but there’s one little mention of something that might be worth keeping an eye on. Some … Continue reading


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The wrath of Emmert

And so l’affaire Miami ends, not with a bang, but a whimper:  some scholarship losses and some minor recruiting restrictions, but the big ticket stuff – TV and postseason – remains intact and the school doesn’t get slapped with any … Continue reading


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Mark Emmert has met the enemy…

and he is him. Mark Emmert: "The only thing people agree on NCAA governance is that it doesn't work."— Chuck Carlton (@ChuckCarltonDMN) September 23, 2013


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How bad is Mark Emmert?

Bad enough that I have to agree with what John Feinstein writes about him. Gah.  I need a drink.


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Mark Emmert insists he’s relevant. Does anyone agree?

Sound the trumpets. NCAA president Mark Emmert agrees with major-college football commissioners demanding substantial change in the Indianapolis-based association and has called a summit of Division I schools in January… … Within the past week, Emmert sent a letter to … Continue reading


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Mark Emmert’s ready to open up a whole new can of worms.

Hey, remember that whole Penn State investigation (or should it be “investigation”?) where the NCAA felt like it had to do something and sort of made things up as it went along to get to the result it wanted?  Good … Continue reading


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Mark Emmert’s not so good week continues.

Another day, another alienated group of people. As outgoing North Carolina chancellor Holden Thorp explained in Chapel Hill on Friday how ill-equipped most collegiate CEOs are to handle the issues surrounding major collegiate athletics, several dozen Division I athletic directors … Continue reading


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One more thing on Mark Emmert’s plate

When they’re not patting themselves on the back about all the money rolling in or figuring out the new and improved postseason at this week’s meeting, college football’s movers and shakers may be privately discussing something even bigger. One group, … Continue reading


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Mark Emmert is losing it.

If Auburn’s having the worst week, Mark Emmert’s week isn’t far behind. Yesterday, the press brought out the long knives at the NCAA President’s Final Four presser: Emmert had to answer questions about an institution that has helplessly watched King … Continue reading


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Episode #426 of Mark Emmert Says The Darnedest Things.

Emmert on Auburn: "We have a higher responsibility when we’re saying someone has committed an offense than reading a newspaper story."— Pete Thamel (@SIPeteThamel) April 04, 2013 Really?  A.J. Green begs to differ.


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