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The incredible shrinking buyout

Remember all the speculation over how much Grantham owed UGA when he left for Louisville?  Turns out the actual number was a whopping $3,750.

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“Sometimes they may know what to do, but they’re second-guessing themselves.”

A little pre-G-Day perspective for you guys:  do I really need to say more about Louisville’s spring game than this?

The offense piled up 951 yards and 11 touchdowns in the first exhibition appearance of coach Bobby Petrino’s second regime, showing off an abundance of weapons in the receiving and running back corps.

Well, yeah.  It could have been worse.

Gardner completed eight passes for 20 or more yards and would have had a ninth if a 66-yard bullet to Parker wasn’t called back for an illegal-formation penalty.

Neither Grantham nor his towel were available for comment.


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Gettin’ the band back together

Numerous reports popping up that Josh Harvey-Clemons is headed to Louisville.

I wonder if he can play quarterba… never mind.


UPDATE:  This move’s got Woodrow’s blessing.

“He wants to stick with Coach Grantham and his defensive system,” Woodrow Clemons, the player’s grandfather, told InsideTheVille.com. “That Star position that he’s able to play safety and outside linebacker and cover the back coming out or able to rush the quarterback. We kind of like that.”


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Name that caption, now I can finally say it edition

ESPN’s Andrea Adelson sits down to get the real poop from new Louisville defensive coordinator Todd Grantham in what looks like a very large, very empty space.

Have at it in the comments, peeps.


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It’s your problem now, Bobby.

Damned if this doesn’t sound all too familiar.

(h/t Gil Salter)


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The five million large guaranteed was purely an afterthought.

(photo via Michael Hutchins/Louisville Athletics)

Todd Grantham bares his soul on why he left Athens for Louisville.

SI: So Petrino’s offensive background played a big part in your decision?

TG: That was 100 percent the selling point. When you take a new job, you look at all the factors. From an offensive standpoint, he knows how to put points on the board, and he also knows how to manage a game, and that’s big particularly in the fourth quarter. Being able to team up with that was something that excited me.

Most coaches knew how to manage a game in the fourth quarter against Grantham’s defenses, so I ‘m not sure what’s so special about that.


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Everything’s easier in Louisville.

Either I’m missing something here, or Bobby Petrino is.

As for the installation plan, Petrino says Garrick McGee and Todd Grantham will install the entire offense and defense in the first seven practices and then repeat the installation beginning with practice No. 8.

I guess it depends on what your definition of “install” is.


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Just because a market is free doesn’t mean it has to make sense.

Here’s a classic “one of these is unlike the others” moment for ya’.


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“Todd Grantham had his reasons.”

Evidently none of which involved five million large ones.  Guaranteed.


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Selling point

You guys know I don’t follow recruiting all that closely – I know, a weird admission on my part on a day when all my posts touch on the subject – but I have to admit there’s a recruiting topic I will be tracking for a while. Here’s a bit from Mark Ennis, a Louisville blogging guru, about a certain new member of Bobby Petrino’s staff:

SI: The Grantham move was a head-scratcher at first, if only because of how much Georgia struggled defensively last season. A million dollars for an assistant most Bulldogs fans wanted out anyway? What’s the rationale there? Pay more to draw away a respected SEC coordinator?

ME: Well, in his introductory press conference, Petrino said he really liked Grantham because he found him challenging to scheme against from the time he was at Arkansas. So I think that was the draw. As for the big bump in pay, I think Louisville badly wants to project stability and the idea that these coaches will be here for a long time. So I think the raise was to get Grantham to commit to multiple years. People forget that while Georgia fans didn’t necessarily love him, he was sought after by the NFL every offseason.

SI: And he’s an SEC guy with current high school contacts, which should help a great deal in the transition to the ACC and recruiting in the area.

ME: Yeah, I’m not sure people appreciate just how big of a talent producer the state of Georgia is now. It’s better than Pennsylvania and Ohio. So to be plugged in there is only a good thing…

Grantham wasn’t bad at all at recruiting while at Georgia.  So it’s only to be expected that he’d continue trying to mine the area he’s familiar with and made contacts.  But he’ll be selling a different product to area recruits than he was pushing before.  Not to mention that the competition hasn’t exactly slacked off with the hire of Jeremy Pruitt.

In fact, it sounds like there might be an early test by which to judge that.

UGA shipped out a last-minute offer to safety T.J. Harrell of Tampa, and he hopped on a plane in a hurry for an official visit with the Bulldogs this weekend. Harrell also has an offer from Louisville and could commit by the end of the weekend if allowed. He looked like he was enjoying his UGA trip, based on his tweets.


The Varsity? Man, Georgia’s pulling out all the stops for this kid.  Seriously, if Georgia can jump in late and pull Harrell, it should mark a starting point for fun times on the recruiting trail.  And while I’m sure they’ll never admit it publicly, it’ll probably be good for a few quiet high-fives in the bowels of Butts-Mehre.


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