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Todd Grantham? Big fan of Greg McGarity… big fan.

You know, earlier today I posted that link to Seth’s article about Grantham’s tweets because I thought they were ambiguous, but worth a fun spin.  I couldn’t say for sure that Grantham was taking a shot at the Georgia program.

I’m pretty sure now, though.

“What appealed to me most was being able to team up with coach Petrino and what he does but also the vision of the athletic director and if you look at the things he’s done,” Grantham said. “To win a championship, it takes a lot of different elements. And the first thing it takes is to have an athletic director that has a vision for the resources needed moving forward. And you obviously have that.”

Ouch.  But I bet Georgia’s reserve fund kicks Louisville’s reserve fund’s ass, man.

Of course, maybe all that means is that now he’s working for somebody who’s willing to shell five million large to a coach who can say this with a straight face:

“Two of the last three years we’ve won the SEC East,” Grantham said. “We really have been the backbone of getting to those conference championships. I think the ability to see how we changed an identity and developed some mental toughness and physical toughness there and develop players.”

Early prediction:  if Georgia gets it done in 2014, prepare to hear Grantham praise Pruitt for getting it done with Grantham’s players.


UPDATE:  This just gets buttah and buttah.

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“To get a coach like Todd Grantham on our staff says a lot about our program.”

Giving Todd Grantham a five-year guaranteed contract that pays him $1 million a year says a lot more, my man.


UPDATE:  By the way, note that Grantham’s making a change for himself at position coach.


UPDATE #2:  Stay classy, coach.


UPDATE #3:  Sometimes this shit just writes itself.


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Who said this?

The Todd Grantham fan club checks in (anonymously):

If anybody but Spurrier made that last comment, I’ll eat my hat.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Plenty of nourishment this morning…


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Once more, with feeling

Hey, it’s déjà vu all over again!

Mark Richt spent the week leading up to the final regular season home game against Kentucky answering questions related to the performance of his defense and those who coach it.

“I’ll say this: It’s definitely good policy for me, and it’s not the answer you want, but my main focus is Kentucky,” the Georgia coach said. “That’s where I gotta keep my mind. That’s where I have to focus on.”

That was in 2009 when Georgia’s defense was coached by embattled coordinator Willie Martinez, who was fired after the regular season.

I accept the inexperience factor to some extent, and it’s apparent that Grantham hasn’t lost his charges the way Martinez did, but, still, if I’m Richt, I’d be getting a little tired of having to recycle my material, so to speak.


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(A nuanced) Fourth and Todd

To be fair to Todd Grantham, there’s a more fleshed-out version of his fourth-down comment that made the rounds the other day:

“Because of our team, you’re going to have some fourth-down opportunities, so you’re going to have to stop them on four downs.  They went for it three times on fourth-down.  If we stop any of those, it’s less points.  In fact, if we stop the two they went for it on our side, the game is probably over because we’re going to get a field goal and it’s (now) a two possession game. That’s the big thing: You’ve got to finish people off.  To do that, it takes some dueling.  That’s where we are.  We’ve got to learn to finish people off.

That makes some sense, honestly.  The defense doesn’t need to be shutdown good every play.  But it needs to win enough key plays to lock a game down after the offense has done its job.  The point being that you’re trying to sell inexperienced players on a level of effectiveness that will win you a game.  Style points don’t matter.

That’s probably small consolation to some.  But I’ll take a season full of one big stop, three-point win sort of games, regardless of the opponent, pretty or otherwise.


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Fourth and Todd

Hmm… maybe Grantham’s on to something here.

“Because our offense is so explosive — South Carolina went for it on fourth-and-2 — I think we’re going to see a lot of fourth downs because people feel like they’ve got to keep the ball,” defensive coordinator Todd Grantham said. “We obviously didn’t play the one flip play very good, but we’ll learn from it and move on.”

So perhaps there’s a silver lining to all the injuries, as teams may feel justified playing more conservatively, eh?

Of course, another way to cut down on opponents gambling on fourth-down calls would be to get an occasional stop.

Snark aside, there is something to the argument that SEC offenses are simply more potent this season.  As Barnhart notes, Mississippi State’s higher ranked defensive unit did a noticeably worse job with LSU than Georgia did.

After throwing for 372 yards and making one NFL throw after another in a 44-41 loss to Georgia in Week 5, Mettenberger followed it up by completing 25 of 29 passes for 340 yards against Mississippi State, which had the No. 20 defense in the country going into the game. Mettenberger’s offense racked up 563 yards and closed the game with a 31-0 run to win 59-26.

I don’t expect this defense to suddenly turn a corner and become a shutdown unit.  The thing is, that’s not really necessary.  If Georgia’s defense could just win a couple of more series, with an offense that’s generating close to forty points a game, that’s enough to get the job done.  That’s not an unreasonable goal, is it?


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It’s not easy defending green.

A shocking observation:

It’s more satisfying to blame the results on coaching incompetence, though.


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“We’ll be fine. We have a lot more guys who can play.”

Here are a couple of numbers to keep in mind, via Tony Barnhart:

A year ago Georgia started the season with only 24 scholarship players on defense. Four players, including Rambo and Ogletree, had multi-game suspensions.

Right now Grantham has 38 players available if they all stay healthy until the opener with Clemson on Aug. 31.


… in the last two seasons Georgia’s defense has forced 62 turnovers (second only to LSU in the SEC), while the Bulldogs have twice won the SEC East.

It occurred to me last night watching the replay of the Florida game that, while he’d like a shutdown defense as much as the next Saban disciple, Grantham places a higher priority on disruption – pressure on the quarterback and turnovers – than on complete down after down control.  Remember, the two biggest defensive plays in that game were turnovers at or in the end zone.  If Rambo and Jones don’t force those, that game may very well have turned out differently.

It’s an approach Grantham can get away with, too, because Georgia’s offense is so lethal.  If Murray can cut down on the interceptions this season and the offense can keep the fumble numbers down as it did in 2011, things may work out the way Grantham plans.


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Where the buck stops on the d-line

Looks like I got my question about who’s responsible for the in-game defensive line rotation answered:

Grantham said the defensive staff talks about a plan for playing guys during the week before a game. That could be that a player gets 30 snaps a game, or another will be in on first and second downs and yet another will go in on third down.

The actual substitutions are made on gamedays by the defensive line coach.

“We have a plan but he executes that plan. That’s one of his job descriptions,” Grantham said. “To me, that’s a game within the game. You’ve got to mix and match. … If you micromanage, you’re hurting your team, you hurt your unit in more than just that area. When I did it [most recently as line coach with the Dallas Cowboys], that was a part of the game and you’ve got to manage.”

In other words, the responsibility is shared in that a plan is formulated that the position coach is supposed to follow.  So if Geathers and Jenkins seem to have gotten worn down in the second half last year, you can’t lay all that on Garner, unless you think he was insubordinate and refused to follow the staff plan.

And judging from this comment from Grantham…

“You’ve also got to have guys that you trust, too, so it’s two-fold. You’re not going to put a guy in the game that you don’t feel is ready. You’ve got to say how many available guys do you have? I control that. That’s me. I do that. Then the coach is going to do what we decide as a staff. My philosophy is you play a lot of guys, but you’ve got to have guys you feel you can depend upon to do that.”

… that seems unlikely.

Which makes the big question about this year’s defensive line pretty obvious.  How many guys on the d-line does Grantham trust?


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