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Musical palate cleanser: this one goes out to you, Mattel.

This news inspired today’s tuneage, The Negro Problem’s “Ken”.

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Musical palate cleanser: can I get an ay-men?

Because we could use a laugh this morning, here’s the Rev. Billy C. Wirtz doing a workout on his classic blues tune, “Roberta”.  Enjoy.

If you’ve never seen the man live, he’s worth the trip.


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Musical palate cleanser: “Who knew Hendrix was such a big CFB fan?!”

After seeing this, I felt I had no choice but to post this.

That ought to get you going this morning.


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Musical palate cleanser: a wooo-hoooooo

I came across this Howlin’ Wolf clip last night and it’s just astounding.

I can only imagine what it must have been like to see him perform in his physical prime.  Is it possible to be intimidated by the blues?


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Pleased to meet you.

So there you are at a Rolling Stones concert, digging Mick and Keef, grooving to Charlie Watts’ rock steady beat, rocking out to “Brown Sugar”, “Bitch” and other classics, maybe even shakin’ to “When The Whip Comes Down”, when you accidently bump into the guy next to you, turn to apologize…

and discover that he’s Nick Saban.

Yeah, that would be a little strange.


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Musical palate cleanser has an appetite today.

All that Aaron Murray talk about being hungry has put me in the mood for some tuneage from the cheesy, yet enjoyable Paul Revere and the Raiders.

It may be best to watch that with your eyes closed.  These guys didn’t exactly have James Brown moves.  But the song is great.


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Another musical palate cleanser, another R.I.P.

I was lucky enough a couple of years ago on my road trip to the Ole Miss game to spend the night in Clarksdale, Mississippi, home of the blues.  One of the highlights of my night there was dropping into a joint called Red’s and watching T-Model Ford.  I learned shortly afterwards that he suffered a stroke and, sadly, no longer performed.  Given his age (and that’s a matter of whom you asked), I expected that he wasn’t long for this world.

T-Model Ford passed away today.  His obituary is a must read.

When Ford was young, he served two years of a 10-year prison sentence for killing a man in self-defense, and he had scars on his ankles from serving on a prison chain gang, Stolle said.

Ford had six wives and 26 children, Stolle said. When Ford’s fifth wife left him, she gave him a guitar as a parting gift.

“He stayed up all night drinking white whiskey,” or moonshine, “and playing the guitar,” Stolle said. “He kind of went on from there.”

This is a good introduction to what Ford was doing late in life:

And this is my favorite tune… NSFW.  But it’s catchy.

Stella was with him that night in Clarksdale.  She’s a helluva woman, too.

Rest in peace, big man.


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Musical palate cleanser, RIP edition

With the news of Bobby “Blue” Bland’s passing, I thought I’d share my favorite song of his, “I Pity The Fool”.

The man had some serious vocal chops.  (And judging from the last time I saw him live, an ego to match.)  Rest in peace, man.


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Today’s musical query

… comes from a comment on the GTP “About Me” page:

I have no doubt that “Dooley’s Junkyard Dawgs” is the greatest college football song ever but what is the second greatest? Is there a second?

Good questions.  I’m so dazzled by the original…

… that I’ve never given second place much consideration.

So I think I’ll open up the floor for nominations.  It can be a fight song, or anything else, as long as it has a direct college football flavor to it.  Let’s hear your choices.

I should warn you, though – anybody selecting “Zombie Nation” runs the risk of a permanent ban from here.


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A roundabout MPC post

A very nice “aw, shucks” post about GTP here.  The only thing is… I don’t remember doing a Jo Jo Gunne palate cleanser before.

Fortunately, that’s easy to remedy with my favorite tune of theirs.  From the early 70′s, here’s “Run  Run  Run”.

There are very few songs that sound better being blasted out of a car stereo than that.  Trust me on this.


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