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Musical palate cleanser, loved you in Die Hard: With a Vengeance edition

Sam Phillips’ “I Need Love”, from her album Martinis and Bikinis, popped up on my iPod this weekend and I cannot get the chorus out of my head.  Maybe it’ll earworm its way into yours.  Here’s a great live version she performed with her then-husband, T Bone Burnett:

And, yes, she is one and the same as this:

Kind of ironic they cast her as a mute in the movie.

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Musical palate cleanser, I don’t know how much more of this I can take edition

Cosmic Dawg got me with the “Red Dawg’s under illegal legs” comment yesterday, so here’s Elvis Costello’s “Watching the Detectives”.

Hard to believe that song is almost forty years old.

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Musical palate cleanser, gotta go to school edition

On the wings of news that Eric DickersonEric Dickerson! – has lent his public support to the O’Bannon plaintiffs, I thought this was an appropriate choice:

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Musical palate cleanser, don’t nail yourself to a cross edition

I read an interview the other day with Nils Lofgren about the E Street Band finally getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame that made me reflect a little upon his career.  He’s had an impressive run, not only playing with Springsteen, but also being an integral part of Neil Young’s early solo work.  Lofgren played on Crazy Horse’s first (and excellent) album and started his first group, Grin, as a teenager.

I’ve seen him live on several occasions (he’s from the DC area and played Charlottesville often when I was in college).  He used to feature a trampoline as part of his act back then.

His name was in the mix as a replacement when Mick Taylor left the Rolling Stones.  He didn’t get the gig, but maybe the process left an impression.  From 1976 and his first solo album, this is one of my favorite songs of his, “Keith Don’t Go (Ode to the Glimmer Twin)”.

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Musical palate cleanser, no distractions edition

Agent Muschamp is a bit preoccupied these days.

In his honor, here’s Bergenfield, New Jersey’s finest, The Knickerbockers, with their 1966 single, “One Track Mind”.


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Today’s obvious musical palate cleanser

Sensing a trend, here’s Sandy Denny’s group, Fotheringay, covering Dylan’s “Too Much of Nothing”.


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Musical palate cleanser, indulging the inner Gibb edition

Bruce Springsteen’s been touring Australia of late.  He’s indulged the locals with covers of some well-known Aussie bands.  But this has to be the topper – “Stayin’ Alive” as you’ve never heard it before.

(h/t PowerPop)  And from the comments there:

When I first saw the clip a few days before this post, this popped into my head (first read of it via Dave Marsh’s book “The Heart of Rock & Soul: The 1001 Greatest Singles Ever Made”):

“Look at great huge Maurice Gibb, singing like Donald Duck on ‘Stayin’ Alive,’” Roger Daltrey of the Who carped in 1978, then instantly added, “And that’s a great song. Bruce Springsteen could sing that lyric.”


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