Game day sampler post

There may not be a Georgia game to brighten our lives today, but college football soldiers on without.  In the meantime, here are a few games of interest:


12:00 PM

A battle of contenders for the CFP … top ten teams fighting to make the ACC championship game … ranked programs … ah, the hell with it.


3:30 PM

The SEC Blowout on CBS returns.  Uncle Verne is out there somewhere laughing his ass off about it.



3:30 PM

Syracuse looked well prepared knocking off Clemson.  Can they repeat the effort?

Kentucky 4:00 PM

My head tells me Kentucky is going to get exposed today, but I have to admit there are a lot of pundits out there picking the ‘Cats in a straight upset.

#24LSU 7:15 PM

Somebody needs to officially dub this the Chicken-on-a-Stick Bowl pronto.  Imagine what the trophy would look like.


7:30 PM

Can’t say I’m convinced Penn State is the second best team in the country, but I have little doubt they’ll outscore Michigan tonight.


7:30 PM

If you’re a Georgia fan, another Notre Dame win would look pretty good.


7:30 PM

Believe it or not, this is Arkansas’ conference home opener.  I don’t think that’s gonna help Bert.

You witty banter and keen insight is welcomed all day in the comments.



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It’s bad, you know.

Georgia, on the Cocktail Party:  “Man, is there a more soul-numbing series than this one’s been?”

Tennessee, on the Third Saturday in October:  “Hold our beer.”


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“Is Todd Grantham having an effect on Mississippi State’s defense?”

Not as much as you’d like us to think, brother.

Todd’s agent appears to be doing his usual bang-up job, though.


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An old meme will never let you down.

Right, Kirby?

“It’s really important that they understand they’re going to get everybody’s best shot,” Smart said. “You watch college football and you see these teams, whether they’re prepared or not, the other team is and everybody wants a piece of the top teams. So you’ve got to be prepared and ready to execute at the highest level every week.”

Never gets old.


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Today, in compliments

Tennessee describes the difficulty of its challenge in playing Alabama today… by making Georgia comparisons.


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Shades of 2015?

Would McElwain — be still, my heart — really think about pulling a Faton Bauta in reverse?

How would you handle the QB position?

McPherson: With Florida still needing three wins to secure a bowl game and still having an outside chance of making waves in the SEC East race, I would be doing whatever it takes to put the best team on the field. To me, that means giving Malik Zaire a chance to see what he can do while the Gators still have a chance in the East. Remove Feleipe Franks’ his two wow-factor plays — the game-winning touchdown pass to Tyrie Cleveland against Tennessee and the 79-yard run against Texas A&M — and his production has been minimal this season.

Young: I’m on record saying that Florida has to at least try Malik Zaire before it’s too late. This Georgia game is a chance to change the narrative of this season. Beyond that, this team could be battling just to get bowl eligible. Feleipe Franks has looked like the same limited QB every week without any signs of tangible progress. The Gators know what they’re getting with him and the last two games it wasn’t enough. If Zaire fails, fine, go back to Franks and go all in on trying to get him ready for 2018. But I don’t understand not even trying Zaire when Franks has shown through six games he can’t elevate this offense.

It certainly paid off last time.


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Today, in it just means more

When you’ve got time on your hands at a Gamecock tailgate

The double entendres ought to write themselves on this one.


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