Shaq attacked.

So it turns out all that jovial, carefree shit only goes so far, even at Louisville.

I’m sure Grantham’s on the mother, though.


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The Bro abides.

I have no idea who wins the starting quarterback job this season, but if it’s Jacob Park, prepare for a slight change of tone.

Jacob Park is an interesting Dog. There haven’t been many other Georgia quarterbacks I’ve covered the last decade or so who would refer to a reporter as “bro” when answering his question. There’s definitely a sort of hip-hop persona to this tall, athletic redshirt freshman from Goose Creek, S.C., complete with the resident brashness and confidence one might expect from a star entertainer.

If he makes it work, that’s fine.  My only question for Towers is who were the other Georgia quarterbacks who called reporters “bro”?


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Run the damn ball, Schottenheimer.

If there’s a common thread the runs through Georgia quarterbacks in the Richt era, it’s how many of them had a tendency to get in trouble when they felt the pressure of having to do too much to carry the offense.

So maybe knowing there’s this really stout running game in place for 2015 will help keep whoever starts grounded.

“We are deep at running back. That takes a ton of pressure off of us. You don’t have to throw the ball. It might be a throwing situation like a third and five but you can give it to Nick Chubb, Sony Michel, Keith (Marshall) or Brendan (Douglas) or one of them and still probably pick up six yards,” he said. “So it’s a big thing. You have a ton of offensive linemen up there that make it easier on us, too. You’ve got some veterans out there. It just gives you more confidence when you’ve got people around you that have been doing it.”

Of course, hearing it from the coaches is a little different from knowing it.  And knowing it is a helluva lot different from believing it.  But it’s a start.


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So that’s why Boom flopped in Gainesville.

How credible can a piece suggesting that Florida can win the SEC East this season be when it doesn’t mention the Gators’ need to improve at defensive celebration?


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Roger Goodell wants you to know he is sensitive to college football’s issues.

As long as it doesn’t cost the NFL a dime, anyway.


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Forget it, Jake. It’s Alabama.

Here’s a nice story about Jake Ganus going from the mess at UAB to a little slice of heaven in Athens.

But the main reason I’m posting this is that I’ve been dying for an excuse to use the header.  Now I can cross another item off my bucket list.


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Mark Richt can’t build a fence big enough.

Per ESPN’s Gerry Hamilton,

In recent years, Florida has been much more in the conversation and is now arguably the most talented state when factoring in FBS signees, Power 5 signees and NFL draft choices vs. California and Texas who have a much higher population.

The state of Georgia will never ink the most FBS players in a singular year. That much is known. It’s simply a numbers game in that regard and the Peach State’s population in 2014 was 10 million compared to nearly 39 million in California, 27 milllion in Texas and closing in on 20 million in Florida.

But an argument can be made that the Peach State is actually the top talent producer in terms of top tier or elite talent.

He elaborates in this clip.  A couple of stats he mentions are pretty astounding.  The 2015 in state class produced sixty-one kids who signed with SEC programs.  Sixty-one.  Not D-1 programs. SEC programs.  And over the last five years, 165 Georgia prospects signed with SEC schools.  That’s both more than the state of Florida produced and at a rate that exceeds the number of kids Richt could sign under NCAA limits.

If you’re Richt, there’s no way to close the borders.  Of course, there’s no reason to make things easier for other programs with serial undersigning, but hopefully that’s a problem in the past.  But even if that’s fixed for good, remember the numbers when you hear stories about the ones who got away.  Recruiting math is hard.


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