Be afraid. Be very afraid.

That is, if you’re like me and think that a playoff system designed by college presidents would suck much of the joy out of what is the greatest sport known to man.

The presidents of Florida and Florida State are talking with each other and making plans to present a proposal changing the current set up.

You think playoffs are a good idea? I bet you didn’t think about how far it could go:

…Weatherall said he will recommend eliminating the 12th game and incorporating the bowl system into an 8-team playoff (he added that he would be amenable to a 16-team format)…

That’s mighty big of him.

And if you think things will stop with a 16-team format, I’ve got some beachfront property in Macon I’d like to sell you. If these guys are allowed to do this, what they’ll wind up with will be very different from what we love now.

For more on this crap, read here.


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