This could be the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Or not.

I mentioned below that ACC commish Swofford probably had a bad hair day in the wake (pun intended) of the disastrous results of the ACCCG. In particular, I posted that “(t)he Gator Bowl folks are almost in a state of open revolt about welcoming Georgia Tech back after that stirring loss…”

I wasn’t exaggerating:

…Gator Bowl representatives are reluctant to discuss the situation publicly, but it’s no secret they’re livid over the ACC strong-arming them into selecting league runner-up Georgia Tech instead of Clemson to play in the Jan. 1 Toyota Gator Bowl. Tech’s selection is causing major flak between a 60-year-old bowl and its dance partner for the past decade…

You ask why?

…Why is the Gator Bowl steaming? Because it guaranteed the ACC and its schools about $8 million between the league title game and the bowl game. And when the GBA took a financial bath on Saturday’s poorly attended contest, it hoped the ACC would provide a lift by consenting to a Clemson-Texas bowl matchup (favored by CBS).

When that didn’t happen, a blissful relationship between the Gator Bowl and ACC suddenly turned chilly…

Asked to comment on the dispute, Reggie Ball said: “Come on, dog. It’s a game. The Gator Bowl’s the Gator Bowl. It’s a good bowl, but it’s no speed bump.”

Or something like that…


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