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CBS’ Gary Danielson has taken some heat lately from Michigan fans about his politicking during the SECCG broadcast for Florida to appear in the BCS title game.

In response, Danielson appeared on a Detroit radio station and let loose with a broadside against ESPN and ABC that is a delight to read if you’ve grown tired of the network’s overblown coverage – and influence, too – of the sport. It’s too long to reprint here, but you can see it at this thread on a Gamecock message board. It’s a classic.

Here’s a taste:

“… Michigan and Ohio State didn’t mind having the Sports Reporters [stumping for them]. ESPN and ABC had that clock running for over a month [for the OSU – Michigan game] while the rest of the country fumed about that. But the first time somebody says something about somebody else, oh, my, the whining starts. My drum was banging for college football. Now we finally got to a game here because of circumstances where everybody had to stand up and say, ‘you mean there’s another team besides Michigan Ohio State, Notre Dame and USC out there?’ I think it’s laughable, totally laughable that people think they know who the best two teams are. I know football pretty good, and I think I know how to watch film pretty well. If I don’t know who the best two teams are, I don’t see how anybody else can do it.”

On other factors that went into his thinking: “I look at it that the rest of the country really didn’t give anybody else a chance except Michigan and Ohio State for a while. Then once they looked at USC, ESPN and ABC jumped on a new bandwagon. Bob Davie was on the front page of USA TODAY saying, “I watched college football all year, and I know the two best teams are Michigan and Ohio State. Then that horse gets a little tired and they go to USC and watch and go, ‘you know? Now that I look at it, I think USC is the second best team in the country.’ Then when USC loses they go, ‘what do we do now?’ And I think the rest of the country is out there saying, ‘who anointed Michigan, Ohio State, USC and Notre Dame to run all of college football?’

Preach on, brother. I can’t stand ESPN, either…


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  1. Goodnight!!!! How long am I going to have to listen to these kind of yahoos
    talk like they know who the best two teams are in college football. If you look at other sports and the top two teams before the playoffs start, you realize that in many, many cases the top two teams don’t even end up making it to the championship. So quite frankly no one really ever knows who is in fact the best team in the nation (in college football) because there is no playoff to decide. I am uphauled at the fact that we do not let the teams decide for themselves who the real champion is. How much longer will we have to put up with this utter nonsense.