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The Tift County Devil Walk…

needs no explanation.

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Scout.com Eligibility Tracker

This is a pretty useful way of keeping up with the class rotations on the Georgia roster, plus where the verbals for next year’s class fit in.   I’ve set it up in the Links.  Kudos to Scout.com for it.

Although, now that I look at it, Asher Allen is showing up as a running back.

Also, it looks like there will be some updates coming soon as kids like McKinzey and Holden come off the roster…


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I got a right… I got a right…

Dumb but inevitable political posturing:

“The BCS system is clearly not working and consumers in Michigan and around the country are paying a very real price,” said Schauer, D-Battle Creek.

I doubt those “consumers” in Florida are bitching much right now, buddy.

… The resolution says that because Division I football programs are a significant public investment, schools and the public have the right to a sound system…

Dumb but inevitable student posturing:

The student group’s resolution said, in part, “57 percent of student service fees are spent by the Athletic Department, therefore making it the right of the students’ representatives to evaluate and call for changes in personnel, staff, or coaching when the students’ money is not being properly spent.”

Whose right is it if the money is really coming from mommy and daddy?

I obviously fell asleep in my con law class many years ago. Could someone point me to where football is mentioned in the Bill of Rights?

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Now this is gonna be fun… er, uh, awkward.

Evidently Arkansas OC Gus Malzahn, when he was still coaching at Springdale HS, decided it would be fine to let a writer have pretty wide access to the program in the course of writing a book. Gosh, what a good idea that’s turned out to be.

The result is called “Year of the Dog”. Heh. “Dog” is already getting lots of attention – mainly because Mitch Mustain turns out to be an even better book topic than high school quarterback:

… Mustain was at Voigt’s home on that Sunday night after Arkansas’ 2005 victory at Ole Miss when a still picture of Nutt appeared on the TV screen. He heard Barrett ask Nutt if Casey Dick had checked into a play that resulted in a touchdown pass and he heard Nutt respond, “That was a called play, and I called it, Chuck.”

After more back and forth between coach and announcer, Mustain stood up, pointed at the television, and said, “Oh my God, did you hear that? Old ‘H’ has lost it. He has absolutely lost it. How can they let him get away with that? They ought to fire him on the spot. Of course, they’d have a better chance of getting me if they did.”

A few weeks later, Mustain backed out on Arkansas and kept silent about his plan to attend Notre Dame, waiting on a promised scholarship…

And the rest is history, of course.

For anyone worried that there might be some hurt feelings over this, fear not. Houston Nutt says he has no plans to read or discuss “Dog”. But not for the reason you might think:

… Nutt told the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette that he’s already chosen what books he plans on reading this season, and they don’t include Voigt’s book.

“I’m not planning on reading it. I keep two or three good books to read in the season. I’ve got them lined up,” Nutt said…

With all this readin’ and interviewin’ going on in Arky, it’s a wonder they’ve got any time for football. Next season, after HN finishes War and Peace, sure looks interesting…

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I heard it on the Internet, so it must be true.

Tom Dienhart, December 7, 2006:

I also hear Miami defensive coordinator Randy Shannon is a longer shot than you think to get the job.


ESPN.com, 1:13 A.M., December 8, 2006:

Miami didn’t look far for a coach to rebuild its struggling football program. Randy Shannon, the Hurricanes’ defensive coordinator the last six seasons, has agreed to a four-year contract to become the school’s new head coach, a source close to Shannon said Thursday night.

The source said Shannon was offered the job on Thursday and accepted later in the day…


Either someone’s source, or someone’s hearing, needs checking.

Below, you can see Shannon point to where he had Dienhart’s computer tossed …

(Courtesy Doug Benc/Getty Images)

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