I got a right… I got a right…

Dumb but inevitable political posturing:

“The BCS system is clearly not working and consumers in Michigan and around the country are paying a very real price,” said Schauer, D-Battle Creek.

I doubt those “consumers” in Florida are bitching much right now, buddy.

… The resolution says that because Division I football programs are a significant public investment, schools and the public have the right to a sound system…

Dumb but inevitable student posturing:

The student group’s resolution said, in part, “57 percent of student service fees are spent by the Athletic Department, therefore making it the right of the students’ representatives to evaluate and call for changes in personnel, staff, or coaching when the students’ money is not being properly spent.”

Whose right is it if the money is really coming from mommy and daddy?

I obviously fell asleep in my con law class many years ago. Could someone point me to where football is mentioned in the Bill of Rights?

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