Alabama coaching search, redux

No, I’m not posting to kick a dead horse. At least not the one everyone else is abusing.

I just want to point out that there is one good thing about this mess: Mal Moore sure has given the college football pundits of the world plenty of material to work with.

Along those lines, you’ve got to love Dienhart’s column today. Here’s what he has to say about the ‘Bama search:

… While Miami Dolphins coach Nick Saban has said “no” a few times, I still hear the Tide will continue to come after him.

After that, who knows? Cal’s Jeff Tedford has had his name tossed in the mix, but that seems a stretch. In fact, there’s some talk that if Tedford bolts anywhere it could be to Oregon with Mike Bellotti stepping into the A.D. chair in Eugene. But, maybe Tedford feels he has taken Cal as far as he can and could be frustrated by delays in facility improvements.

Some I talk to mention Tampa Bay coach Jon Gruden. It may not be a crazy notion. His act has worn thin in Tampa, and he could be enticed by the fact college jobs now pay a pretty penny. Remember, Gruden considered the Notre Dame a few years ago.

And another name won’t go away: Georgia Tech coach Chan Gailey. I had his name mentioned to me several weeks ago by a few sources. It’s hard to argue with his resume.

Word is Tulsa coach Steve Kragthorpe won’t leave for any ol’ job. Well, this isn’t any ol’ job. His name still rarely comes up for this post in discussions with my sources. But that could change.

Wake Forest’s Jim Grobe has told me numerous times he isn’t interested in leaving his job. I have no reason not to believe him.

Lastly, there’s Arkansas’ Houston Nutt. He has had a wandering eye in the past and supposedly could be interested in the Bama post.

The other names I hear seem more like second-tier options: Navy’s Paul Johnson, Houston Texans assistant Mike Sherman. I was told at one time by a source that Johnson would “walk to Alabama” if given the chance to coach the Tide…

Good Lord. I think I’ve figured this out. Dienhart plans to name drop every coach in America in his columns as a candidate for the Alabama job (and, given the pace at which Moore is going, he’ll probably have the opportunity to do so).

The odds are decent that he’ll be right sooner or later…

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