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More BCS madness

With all of the ginned-up controversy – Florida, Michigan, playoffs, Gary Danielson, etc. – we continue to hear about the BCS this year, wouldn’t it be a safe presumption that people just wouldn’t care too much about the title game?

It looks like you might figure wrongly about that, at least with regard to people putting their money down:

… Tickets for the Ohio State-Florida game are in such demand, StubHub.com, an online ticket marketplace, already has seen gross sales for the game surpass last year’s Game of The Century between USC and Texas. And we’re a little less than a month from toe meeting pigskin.

The game is the second-highest selling event in StubHub.com history, trailing only Super Bowl XL. For the moment, anyway. StubHub folks say this year’s national title game will soon surpass Supe XL…

And I have a feeling the TV ratings will show sizable public interest, too. But we need a playoff, damnit!

While I’m on this subject, many thanks to College Football Resource for favorably mentioning my It’s So Easy post about college football playoffs. He runs a great site (it’s in my Links list) and he writes eloquently on the subject of playoffs, as well.

We troglodytes have to stick together.

Finally, a plea for those of you who are ready to dump the bowls:  consider the llamas.


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