“Best and worst” SEC articles

I’m a sucker for lists, so Tony Barnhart’s piece in today’s AJC ranking the SEC coaching positions from top to bottom caught my eye.

There aren’t really any big surprises with a list that ranks Florida and Georgia at the top and Vandy at the bottom, although I note the standard plug for the indoor practice facility in Athens makes another appearance (Tony, would that move the Dawgs to #1 on your list?).

It’s an OK read, but I enjoyed this “list” article – one that ranked SEC venues – that appeared recently in the Chattanooga Times Free Press more, mainly because I got a kick out of this bit:

…The last time I drove to Vandy, I was behind one car in line at the parking garage. Try getting that lucky at Chick-fil-A. To me, a burger at Rotiers and an SEC battle with 32,800 onlookers does not define a bad day at all…

It’s all about perspective, right? The only flaw in his article was the failure to mention what toilet access is like at each stadium. And, believe me, after tailgating with a few beers, that’s important.

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