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This couldn’t hurt.

I mentioned in a previous post that it would be a very good thing for Georgia if Coutu could make it back for the CFA Bowl.

It looks like that may well happen. Given the likelihood of a defensive struggle with Virginia Tech, that could be a huge development for the Dawgs. As it goes right now, Pace versus Bailey isn’t a matchup that favors Georgia.


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Quote of the day

The Arkansas soap opera is almost too easy to mock. Here’s what the Nuttster had to say about all that transfer talk from his freshmen (or at least their parents):

“I asked them all to go ahead and get out if they’re not happy. Get out now — don’t take advantage of me with the (Capital One) Bowl,” Nutt said. “We’ve got too many Magic Kingdom rides, we have too many other things to do.”

You can’t make this stuff up. I’m not sure you’d even want to.

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OK, now you’ve really done it.

Besides CFN, does anyone truly believe that Daniel Inman is the 26th best player in the SEC?

Or, even more incredibly, that he was the offensive MVP for Georgia this year?

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CBS Sportsline.com is bipolar.

Dennis Dodd, meet Mike Freeman.

… Only naïve dupes or bamboozled fools don’t know this.

Mike, which category does Dennis (assuming you CBS guys are on a first name basis) fit into?

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