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Alabama hiring saga, Chapter 11,314

Read this… and then, read this. Really, how does Mal Moore do it?

Between the ineptness and the cronyism – don’t forget the UAB sideshow – there’s a good book looking to be written one day on this debacle, no matter who winds up being hired.

And this actually crossed my mind the other day; I just didn’t think about posting it. Great minds think alike…


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2006 NCAA football attendance figures

Four of the top seven schools are in the SEC.  Georgia is fifth.

And check out the capacity percentage for the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party.  Alltel has individual seating – where do they put everybody?

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You don’t see this every day.

COLUMBIA, S.C. — It’s one thing for South Carolina coach Steve Spurrier to read the riot act to an assistant coach for breaking NCAA rules. It’s a whole different matter when the offending person is your wife.

Spurrier said Friday that his wife, Jerri, unknowingly violated NCAA rules by sending handwritten notes to families of players who had signed with the Gamecocks…

… Spurrier was asked why anyone might turn in the Gamecocks for a simple note from his wife. “It’s easy to turn somebody in. I got turned in for talking to a kid at a high school during a junior recruiting period,” Spurrier said. “I did say hello to him, but I didn’t give him a recruiting speech.

“So anybody can turn anybody in just like anybody can sue anybody in America,” Spurrier said.

What a country!

The funniest thing from the article this appeared in has to be the fact that South Carolina had to report a Level I violation in women’s equestrian.

That’s gotta be a first.

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