More oops…

I was going to post this as an update to my previous post, but MaconDawg’s response to Kian’s initial post is good enough to deserve its own spot.

In particular, he notes:

Blaes has, reportedly, not been cleared to play at Georgia yet. Irvin, Wynn, Havercamp and Vance have. I’m willing to wager that with the three GMC guys, this is partially because there are a lot of transfers to UGA from GMC, so the process moves faster. If Blaes has not been cleared by admissions yet, the fault lies either with a) Coffeyville for not getting the proper paperwork to Athens in time, b) the admissions office at UGA for dawdling over the paperwork, or c) Blaes for not sheperding through the paperwork from point A to point B. Note that none of these entities goes by the name “Mark Richt” or “Rodney Garner”. The coaches, by the way, have made clear in the past that they cannot sign a guy who has not been cleared by admissions. If Blaes hasn’t been cleared, then I doubt he’s been lied to.

Right now it’s hard to say who’s at fault. It could be Blaes, Coffeyville or Georgia. Or some combination of the three.


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