As a Dawg fan, you hope there’s a perfectly good explanation for this, but Georgia apparently delayed its offer to Coffeyville CC offensive guard Joe Blaes:

“Georgia had to take my scholarship away,” Blaes told UGASports.com. “They said I could come in later in the summer, but they didn’t have any spots left as a mid year guy. I just found out a day or two ago.”

The article notes that Blaes was in the process of packing to move to Athens and had previously cancelled a trip to Mississippi after committing to Georgia. Yecch.

To be fair, the school isn’t walking away from the kid. He does has an offer to sign in February and enroll for the summer. Still, it doesn’t sound good. And unfortunately for the coaches, they can’t comment on current recruits, so we only get to hear one side of this story.

I hope there is another side, because if this was nothing more than the result of either a math error on how many winter commits Georgia could take or a cold decision that there were better options to accept, I would expect some burned bridges at Blaes’ school and for this to be used as a weapon on the recruiting trail by some of Georgia’s rivals. Not only that, I always want the staff to deal with recruits the right way.

I will be curious to see how this turns out.



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  1. crewzin777

    Could this have anything to do with the surprising news that Ian Smith won’t be kicked off campus? Maybe the coaches were counting on that extra scholarship?


  2. I don’t know if it’s related to Smith. Kendall in The Macon Telegraph said that MR is still weighing the option of dismissing Smith from the team:

    “Head coach Mark Richt has told Smith he may have his mind made up by the time the Bulldogs (8-4) break for the holiday, which will be after this morning practice. Richt is deciding whether to kick Smith off the team or let him return with at least a five-game suspension to start the 2007 season.”