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“Dog” speaks.

Ordinarily, I’d let it pass. I really would. It’s admirable that Reggie Ball intends to pursue his degree. I hope he gets it done.

But Reggie’s got himself a legal adviser. You don’t know who Manny Arora is?

Sure you do. He’s the lawyer who enabled Reuben Houston to return to the Tech football team after Houston’s suspension for being caught with a hefty amount of marijuana:

… Houston’s lawyer, Manny Arora, challenged Georgia Tech’s dismissal of his client from the school and the team. Arora presented evidence that Georgia Tech once let another football player, Cory Collins, continue to play despite facing a felony charge of criminal damage to property. He also showed that student Theodore Hollot, who was charged with the felony of making and possessing an explosive, was allowed back to class.

Brogdon sided with Houston’s lawyer and announced that Houston’s suspension “was arbitrary and strikingly dissimilar to the school’s treatment of similarly situated athletes who have been accused of breaking the law.”

I don’t know if we’re heading down a similar road here, but one can only hope. If there’s a bigger cherry to put on top of the Reggie Ball sundae, I can’t think of it at present.

Unless Chan let him play if he were reinstated.


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I went to the UGA-GT basketball game last night. The Dawgs scrapped as best they could, but without Gaines, they’re just not the same team.

But there was one moment worth the price of admission that I’ll share here:

Tech has this thing called “Kiss Cam”. A camera pans the crowd looking for a couple, a couple is televised on the big screens and the crowd waits for them to kiss.

Anyway, after putting several couples on the screens, the camera operator picks up a couple of (male) Dawg fans sitting together. Clever! The Tech crowd finds this lame attempt at humor side-splittingly funny and roars.

One of the guys on the screen simply smiles and holds up six fingers.

The laughter dies. The camera pans away quickly. And the woofing commences.

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