PAC-10/SEC showdown, 2007 strength of schedule style

In light of my post from yesterday about conference strength of schedule standings, I thought it might be interesting to post a comparison of the PAC-10’s out of conference schedule for 2007 with that of the SEC. So, courtesy of, here we go.

First, the SEC:

  • Alabama: Western Carolina, Florida State, Houston, Louisiana-Monroe (for ‘Bama, that’s an upgrade over some years past)
  • Arkansas: Troy, North Texas, UT-Chattanooga, Florida International (ugh…)
  • Auburn: New Mexico State, South Florida, Tulane, [still looking]
  • Florida: UCF, Troy, Florida Atlantic, Florida State
  • Georgia: Oklahoma State, Western Carolina, Troy, Georgia Tech (mixed bag, but should be two top 25 teams there)
  • Kentucky: Eastern Kentucky, Temple, Louisville, Florida Atlantic (the Wildcats’ first four games of the year, BTW)
  • LSU: Middle Tennessee, Virginia Tech, Tulane, Louisiana Tech
  • Mississippi: Missouri, Louisiana Tech, Northwestern State, Memphis
  • Mississippi State: West Virginia is the only one announced so far (which doesn’t bode well, IMO)
  • South Carolina: Louisiana-Lafayette, South Carolina State, North Carolina, Clemson
  • Tennessee: California, Southern Miss, Northern Illinois, Louisiana-Lafayette
  • Vanderbilt: Richmond, Eastern Michigan, Kent State, Wake Forest

Now, the PAC-10:

  • Arizona: New Mexico is the only announced non-conference opponent at present
  • Arizona State: San Jose State, San Diego State, Colorado
  • California: Tennessee, Colorado State, Louisiana Tech
  • Oregon: Houston, Michigan, Fresno State
  • Oregon State: Utah is the only announced non-conference opponent at present
  • Stanford: San Jose State, TCU, Notre Dame
  • UCLA: BYU, Utah, Notre Dame (impressive)
  • USC: Idaho, Nebraska, Notre Dame
  • Washington: Syracuse, Boise State, Ohio State
  • Washington State: Wisconsin, San Diego State, Idaho

Admittedly, the results are somewhat skewed by three of the schools listed only having one non-conference opponent scheduled at present, but is there much doubt as to which conference overall has a more impressive looking non-conference schedule?

Two more questions to ponder: from those lists, which conference would you expect to go into next season with the higher strength of schedule rating? And how much of your opinion do you think is based on the SEC schools having to fill out their schedules with one more non-conference opponent than do the PAC-10 schools?


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11 responses to “PAC-10/SEC showdown, 2007 strength of schedule style

  1. KG

    UCF is off the Gators schedule. They optioned out of the game. They were replaced with Western Kentucky.

    Yeah, I know . . . its embarassing but that’s what it is.


  2. Don’t feel too bad, KG. That’s what happened to the Dawgs this year.


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  4. wpr

    Its because we in the SEC have to play each other. You in the PAC-10 only have to play…..each other. Thats the difference. Do you doubt us after last night?


  5. Whoa, hoss! Thanks for dropping in, but you might want to take a more careful look next time you come by. This is a Georgia Bulldog blog, and KG runs a Gator blog, so I don’t know who your “you in the PAC-10” reference is directed to.

    If it makes you feel any better, there’s no doubt in my mind that the SEC was the toughest conference in D-1 football in 2006.

    But that has nothing to do with the point I made in this post, which is that, by and large, the PAC-10 will play a much tougher OOC schedule next year than will the SEC. That, in turn, will impact the conference SOS numbers. Do you really question that?


  6. Derrick

    I think it is about even. Notre Dames doens’t count cause they are always overrated.

    Sec. Pac 10
    West Vir notre Dame
    FSU Tn
    Vir Tech Mich
    Lousville Ohio State
    CAl Wis

    I think those 5 teams will be in the top 10 at some point in the upcoming season. I see the pac10/big 10 has a thing going while the Sec has an Acc/big east thing going.


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  8. Brett

    How is Utah, BYU, and Notre Dame impressive?? LOL

    I don’t see how Pac-10’s is better. Looks about the same to me. SEC has to play some little schools b/c it’s near about impossible to go undefeated in SEC play. Unlike other conferences that usually only have one or two great teams.


  9. Hindsight is wonderful, man.

    And UCLA did lose to Utah.


  10. TEBOW

    Could you imagine the Pac 10’s SOS if they don’t schedule decent O of C teams? Other conferences have to schedule tougher O of C teams to make up for their weak oponents within their conference. Wish we had their schedule- USC finished 73rd in SOS last year. ‘Nuff said.


  11. Thomas E

    O MY GOD !!! Pac-10 teams would never make it in the SEC …. yes sometimes they beat SEC teams but any team can be beat on any day, but if you put USC in a Flordia or Georgia type schedule they would suffer point blank Pac-10 SOS is nothing compared to SEC today I looked and USC has only three ranked teams in the schedule one of which is Ohio (that has never beat an SEC team in a bowl game) and the other two will more than likely drop as the days go on which will the teams that are ranked for in Georgia’s schedule bottom line there are more SEC teams in the mix for a championship only one problem NO PLAY OFF