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As large in death as in life

For once in my life, I find myself in agreement with the Reverend Al Sharpton:

“It would almost be unthinkable for a man who lived such a sensational life to go away quietly,” Sharpton said in an interview from Georgia, where he was making funeral arrangements with Brown’s children.

Sharpton said Brown always knew his place in history.

“He used to tell me, `There are two American originals, Elvis and me,'” Sharpton said. “‘Elvis is gone, and I’ve got to carry on.'”

Amen, brother.

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Stats, stats and more stats

Well, I took a brief look at some of the statistics that I thought might have some bearing on the CFA Bowl match-up between Georgia and Virginia Tech here and here.

You’ll find I’m a piker compared with the detailed presentation posted last night at Dawg Sports. And he’s just getting warmed up.

Also, I’ve been remiss in neglecting to mention the impressive job that Sunday Morning Quarterback continues to do with his analysis of the correlation of statistics and results on the field (here’s his post on the ACC as an example). Highly recommended – although I wish he’d get to his SEC piece already!

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Baby needs a new pair of shoes.

It sure sounds like ‘Bama players are consumed by the fact that they don’t have a new head coach.

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Tough call

My favorite sports book remains Jim Bouton’s baseball tell-all Ball Four. One memorable part of the book is the stretch where he gets sent to the minors and spends a week on the road playing the Hawaii Islanders.

It’s a fabulous week for Bouton – he saves every game in sight, spends his days on the beach drinking and getting sunburned and even discovers that the Hawaii ballpark serves great concession foods. After reflecting on this, he and a bullpen mate conclude one night that if a player was on the Islander roster and got called up to the major leagues, it would be a damned tough choice.

So I have an idea of how Colt Brennan feels these days.

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Uptight (Everything’s Alright)

For the early years of this decade, we SEC fans were bewildered by one thing: how in the hell is Ron Zook such a dynamo as a recruiter?

I mean, there are a lot of energetic fellows running around selling themselves to the first eighteen year old that runs a 4.5 forty they see, but there aren’t many of those guys losing five games a year (with a couple of embarrassing non-football moments to boot) pulling in top five classes year after year.

Yet he did. And now that he’s at the University of Illinois, he looks like he’s heading in the same direction. In God’s name, how?

Well, thanks to Martrez Wilson, the jig is up. Mr. Wilson is the latest star recruit to commit to the Zooker. Here’s what he had to say about his new coach:

Wilson said he … felt comfortable with the Illini coaching staff, saying of Zook: “I like this dude. He wasn’t an uptight white coach.”

Uh huh. The Zooker’s got his mojo working for sure…

(h/t Fanblogs)

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The Godfather of Soul is dead.

James Brown has passed away at age 73. You can read the AP obituary here. Also, check out this great Rolling Stone story from earlier this year.

What a freakin’ downer. It’s clichéd to say it, but there will never be another one like him.

He had the moves way before Michael Jackson hit a stage:

Was he a flawed human being? Sure. But his gifts as a performer and as a musical creator are unparalleled. He essentially remade R&B. So whatever sins you want to criticize him for, be my guest. He still remains a giant as an artist.

I hope the Redcoat Band brings back “Dooley’s Junkyard Dawgs” in tribute to him at the CFA Bowl.

I remember how he used to close out his show – they’d drape the cape around him and start to lead him off stage. At the last minute, he’d tear himself loose and race back to the microphone to the screams of the audience and keep going.

I guess he’s been led off the stage for the last time…







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The most valuable college football teams

You can read a pretty silly exercise in Forbes that assigns values to the top fifteen college football programs. Silly, because it’s not like any of these programs could be bought and sold like a pro sports franchise. (Georgia is ranked third, by the way.)

But when there’s a discussion about revenues in D-1 football, there’s usually something relevant to the BCS/playoffs argument, and such is the case here.

The most valuable “franchise” is Notre Dame. Why?

Big advantage for the Fighting Irish: A $9 million annual broadcasting fee from NBC, owned by General Electric, by far the most for any team. It also helps Notre Dame that it plays as an independent team, not belonging to an NCAA conference–so it doesn’t have to share its broadcasting and bowl revenue the way other schools do. [Emphasis added.]

There are no ACC, PAC-10 or Big East schools listed in the top fifteen. Why not?

Note that only teams from the Southeastern Conference, Big Ten Conference and Big 12 Conference made our list because of their lucrative television deals with CBS, and ESPN and ABC, which are owned by the Walt Disney Co. [Emphasis added.]

The article concludes with this note:

Perennial powerhouse the University of Southern California, which is playing in the Rose Bowl this year, did not make our top 15 because the team’s profits were too low to contribute as much to their schools as did our 15 finalists.

When arguably the best program in the country over the past five years doesn’t make the value list because of low profits due to inadequate revenues from a broadcast deal, that should be a pretty good indication of the influence the TV networks have over the sport.

All in all, the negotiations to convert to a playoff format, if that day ever comes, will likely be quite bloody. “Sharing the wealth” ain’t gonna be easy…


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“Dog” speaks.

Ordinarily, I’d let it pass. I really would. It’s admirable that Reggie Ball intends to pursue his degree. I hope he gets it done.

But Reggie’s got himself a legal adviser. You don’t know who Manny Arora is?

Sure you do. He’s the lawyer who enabled Reuben Houston to return to the Tech football team after Houston’s suspension for being caught with a hefty amount of marijuana:

… Houston’s lawyer, Manny Arora, challenged Georgia Tech’s dismissal of his client from the school and the team. Arora presented evidence that Georgia Tech once let another football player, Cory Collins, continue to play despite facing a felony charge of criminal damage to property. He also showed that student Theodore Hollot, who was charged with the felony of making and possessing an explosive, was allowed back to class.

Brogdon sided with Houston’s lawyer and announced that Houston’s suspension “was arbitrary and strikingly dissimilar to the school’s treatment of similarly situated athletes who have been accused of breaking the law.”

I don’t know if we’re heading down a similar road here, but one can only hope. If there’s a bigger cherry to put on top of the Reggie Ball sundae, I can’t think of it at present.

Unless Chan let him play if he were reinstated.

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I went to the UGA-GT basketball game last night. The Dawgs scrapped as best they could, but without Gaines, they’re just not the same team.

But there was one moment worth the price of admission that I’ll share here:

Tech has this thing called “Kiss Cam”. A camera pans the crowd looking for a couple, a couple is televised on the big screens and the crowd waits for them to kiss.

Anyway, after putting several couples on the screens, the camera operator picks up a couple of (male) Dawg fans sitting together. Clever! The Tech crowd finds this lame attempt at humor side-splittingly funny and roars.

One of the guys on the screen simply smiles and holds up six fingers.

The laughter dies. The camera pans away quickly. And the woofing commences.

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Hell hath no fury…

as a spurned Texas Longhorn fan.  Feel the love.

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