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Let me extend heartfelt congratulations to the Georgia Tech football program for the successful completion of another five loss season under Chan Gailey.

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CFA Bowl thoughts

For the typical college football fan, today is Christmas (although with the BCS being stretched to a week now, maybe Hanukkah is a better analogy), so I’m not going to spend a whole lot of time blogging, but I did want to make a few observations about Georgia’s come from behind win Saturday night.

In no particular order of significance:

  • Willie Martinez looks a helluva lot smarter when he’s got an effective four man pass rush, doesn’t he?
  • The two kids that really came on over the last quarter of the season were Evans and Weston.
  • Danny Ware’s drop on the wheel route was the most painful thing I’ve watched in a Georgia game this year… perfect call, perfect throw and ba-bonk!
  • Plain and simple, Brandon Coutu is just money. Out for half a season, he comes back to nail three dead center shots, one from 51 yards. As I said before, if he’s healthy all year, Georgia has a two loss “rebuilding” year.
  • Stafford looked like he was reverting to mid-season form in the second quarter, but he had some beautiful passes in the second half when he got his confidence back. He also made a terrific adjustment on the two point conversion. But what the heck was he doing way downfield on Lumpkin’s long run?
  • While the yardage total certainly didn’t reflect it, Bobo did a solid job as offensive coordinator. With a skittish QB and a non-existent running game in the first half after the first drive, he stayed patient and got the offense settled down in the second half. The playcall on Lumpkin’s touchdown may have been the single best red zone call of the season.
  • It’s impressive that the CFA Bowl marked the first time a Georgia team has ever beaten three ranked teams in consecutive games. I just wonder if a Georgia team has ever scored 31 points on a measly 200 yards total offense and nine first downs.
  • Tony Taylor had a fine game, but Charles Johnson was robbed in not being named the game’s MVP. He was nothing short of Pollack-esque in his dominance. The best line of the night from the broadcast came on his sack of Glennon that caused the fumble: in response to his partner’s comment that there was nothing the tight end could have done to stop Johnson on that play, Franklin replied drily, “He could have held him.”
  • Mercifully, the game ended without having an official mention Daniel Inman by name one time.

I’ll let my favorite Dawg from this season have the last word on the game:

“It’s amazing,” a tearful Ray Gant said. “I couldn’t have dreamt it up any better. I couldn’t have dreamt it up any better. That’s Georgia, we never give up, we will never give up.”


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