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There’s drunk…

and then there’s drunk.

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Time and Tide wait for one man.

Miles Brand has to be thrilled by this:

… Saban’s agreement with Alabama is for eight years and a guaranteed $32 million, according to ESPN.com’s Len Pasquarelli. Saban can earn an additional $700,000 to $800,000 annually in bowl-game bonuses…

I wonder what the budget is for his assistants’ salaries…


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I’ve just got to post it.


It’s the coolest play of the season. And certainly the ballsiest coaching call of the season.

What a perfect moment…

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Fiesta Bowl sanity

Unlike Stewart Mandel, CFN’s Pete Fiutak has a rational understanding about what to take away from Boise State’s bowl win:

…Now all the “little guys” or “mid-majors” have something to believe in. They all have something to play for, and they’ll all get a little bit more respect from the voters when they come up with great seasons.

And he also has a little advice for everyone in Mandel’s corner on BSU and a playoff:

Now that the world has gone Boise State crazy, let’s all just take a big, deep breath before drinking the full glass of Kool-Aid. It took four turnovers, every conceivable mistake, both mental and physical, three of the most impossibly clutch big plays you’ll ever see, and everything else in the bag to beat Oklahoma in overtime. Overtime. I’m not saying the Broncos can’t play, but Oklahoma isn’t Ohio State or Florida this year.

In a one game shot, Boise State can beat Oklahoma, Ohio State, Florida, or anyone else in America. This team was the real deal, and there’s nothing fluky about the Fiesta Bowl win. With that said, no way, no how do the Broncos go unbeaten with Oklahoma’s schedule. It wouldn’t have gone unbeaten in any of the big six conferences, so to just assume the Broncos deserve a shot at the national championship isn’t quite right. They wouldn’t be in this position if they didn’t play in the WAC.

Good points both…

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