Since the shovel’s still out…

let’s bury Notre Dame a little deeper.

I linked yesterday to a Saurian Sagacity post regarding Notre Dame’s less than imposing record during Charlie Weis’ turn at the helm.

Now I find this post, at Gunslingers, that looks at the Irish bowl futility record from a historical perspective. If anything, it’s even more devastating than the post at SS – which, of course, means I enjoyed it even more.

Here’s a little taste, but by all means make sure you read and savor the whole enchilada:

Since 1994…

  • 87 different teams have won at least one bowl game. (and there’s a chance for two more if Western Michigan and Ohio win their bowls this weekend)
  • 30 teams have won at least FIVE bowl games.
  • 6 teams have won SIX bowl games (Auburn, Michigan, Ohio State, Tennessee, USC, and… Colorado).
  • 4 teams have won SEVEN bowl games (FSU, Penn State, Texas, and… Utah)
  • 6 teams have won EIGHT bowl games (Boston College, Georgia, LSU, Miami, Nebraska and Wisconsin)
  • 28 teams from non-BCS-automatic-qualifying conferences have won a bowl game. (and two more potentially this weekend)

And here’s some of the company Notre Dame is keeping during this streak:

Notre Dame is 0 for 9. Here are the other teams that have been to multiple bowl games but haven’t won one:

  • Northwestern (0 for 5)
  • New Mexico (0 for 5)
  • Houston (0 for 4)
  • UTEP (0 for 3)

There’s the comparable group. Man.

I feel sad for Irish fans.

I don’t. They can always go watch a Rudy rerun.


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