The enemy of my enemy…

may be Big-10 commissioner Jim Delany.

There’s a huge article in Yahoo Sports today on Delany and the power he wields over college football and the BCS. It touches on a lot of issues related to the power struggle between the major conference commissioners and the NCAA over control of D-1 football’s postseason.

One point raised in the article is an economic one I’ve mentioned before. If you spread the wealth from a playoff over all D-1 schools, how do you make sure the BCS conferences don’t see a smaller piece of the pie than they get at present? It sounds like Delany is both skeptical of the answer and prepared to block action:

… By Delany’s reasoning, increased playoff money that would be shared by all conferences would reduce the non-shared revenue from regular-season TV deals. And that’s a big concern. [Emphasis added.]

Citing estimates that the BCS would generate 30 percent more money if it adopted the Plus-One model, Delany said the risk doing so outweighs the potential reward. At least for now.

“I would guess someday there would be a playoff,” he said. “Someday.”

But for those who expect Delany to cave in to public pressure anytime soon, he cites an important aspect of the latest contract he helped broker between the Rose Bowl and ABC that officially begins this year.

“We have an eight-year agreement with ABC in the Rose Bowl,” he said. “So that speaks for itself.”

That will give Delany, the Pac-10 and the Rose Bowl leverage to fight any move toward a playoff until 2014.

It’s definitely worth a read.

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