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It’s no great surprise, but yesterday the NCAA voted to revoke the graduate transfer rule, based in large part on reasoning such as this:

“We know there’s discussion on both sides, but our feeling is we spend an enormous amount of dollars to recruit a student-athlete to be on our campus for four years. To have him or her go somewhere else and play after our investment, we don’t really support that,” said UCF Athletic Director Keith Tribble, who voted for the override.

Funny, but I don’t see a comment from Mr. Tribble about Darryl Richard’s predicament.

That’s most likely because Mr. Tribble is an asshole. He certainly doesn’t emulate the touching level of concern displayed by University of Georgia President and uberweasel Michael Adams, who had this to say in today’s Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

“We felt like students’ academic needs were better served from not going through the recruitment process twice,” Adams said. “I think [allowing students who have earned their degree to transfer and play immediately] just opens the recruiting process all over again…”

Serving the student’s academic needs… yeah, that’s it, that’s the ticket! Just ask Daryl Richard.

I was just about to nominate Adams for sainthood when I noticed he went on to say in the same article:

“…We talked to our coaches and AD about it, and they were unanimous in their view that they prefer to recruit students once rather than twice.”

I bet they were.

Do you wonder if the student athletes were? Or if Adams even condescended to ask the opinion of any of them? I don’t.


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