C’est la vie.

“Not everything in life is going to go the exact way you want it go,” Smith said. “If this is the worst thing in life that happens to us, I’m pretty cool with it.”

Good for you, Troy Smith – nothing like laying a complete egg in the biggest game of your career and then shrugging it off. Why, I bet you wouldn’t trade places with Chris Leak today for anything, dude, right?

Speaking of Leak, if there’s anything a SEC defensive coordinator worth his salt would tell you, it’s that the way to slow down the Gator offense is to go after Chris Leak balls out. Instead, in the first half last night we watched the Ohio State defense provide Leak with the functional equivalent of a robe, slippers and a comfy chair by the fire.

The Fox broadcast crew noted the patience of the Buckeye defensive coordinator more than once during the first half. Guys (hey, I sound just like a sideline reporter!), let me clue you in to something: sometimes patience isn’t a virtue. If my house is on fire, I’m not gonna walk around making sure all the faucets are shut off before I get the hell out of there.

A team that couldn’t score thirty points in any regular season game against an SEC opponent – including Vandy and a Georgia team that gave up 51 to Tennessee – put up 34 in the first half. The Gators scored six of the first seven times they had the ball on offense. At some point in time, you’ve got to ask yourself “should I maybe try something different?”

Unless you’re Troy Smith, of course. Stay cool, my man…


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