The Fiesta Bowl as Rorschach blot

As I’m driving in this morning, I’m listening to the ESPN radio early morning show, where the host is giving out his wrap up of the college football season. In response to his list of the final top five, which has Florida at #1 (duh) and Boise State at #5, some incredibly whiny listener calls in to complain that BSU is being screwed because “they did everything they were supposed to do” and that it’s like shafting the kid who aces all his tests out of being the class valedictorian.

To which, our host reflects and says, “doesn’t everyone want to see a Florida – Boise State matchup now?”

Nope. What purpose would it serve? How does any rational human being believe that a Florida team that just demolished the #1 team in the country (a team that almost every pundit believed would easily handle the Gators, by the way) stands on some kind of equal footing with the winner of the WAC that beat a decent two loss team by one point in overtime? Hell, the Gators just made a mockery out of the idea before the BCS that they stood on equal footing with Michigan.

People are going to read what they want into the Fiesta Bowl result, I know. (Mr. Whiny thought that Oklahoma was underrated by the radio host because the three-loss Sooners weren’t in his top 5, believe it or not.) The fact of the matter is that if the Boise States of the world really want to be taken seriously as heavyweight programs, they’re going to have to step out and play – and beat! – some topflight D-1 opponents in their non-conference games on a regular basis.

Because otherwise, to torture Mr. Whiny’s analogy even further, all you’re really doing is rewarding the special education kid for making a perfect score on his addition/subtraction test while his class mates are getting 95s in calculus.


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