Wake me up when the revolution gets here, would ‘ya?

Michael Elkon predicted it:

…Incidentally, this is why you-know-who will be completely wrong when he inevitably claims that Florida won the national title because of their OMG newfangled scheme that left mouth-breathing SEC coaches in the dust…

Heisman Pundit is back on his “Gang of Six” roll with Florida’s win. It’s the next big thing, you know, that Meyer spread attack:

… But, let’s get to the core of things here. When Urban Meyer was hired in 2005, I wrote Florida was set to be the next great power in college football. Why? Mainly because of the impending marriage of Meyer’s spread offense with the outstanding talent that he had on hand in Gainesville. It was the same combination that made USC so powerful from 2002-2004: Great scheme and great talent mixed together to create a perfect storm.

Of course, many scoffed at such a notion. There was no way Meyer’s scheme would ever be successful in the SEC, said the critics. He may have been successful at Utah and Bowling Green, but he won’t do as well in a real league... [Emphasis added.]

The thing is, to this point, and last night notwithstanding, those critics haven’t been proven wrong. For the 2006 regular season, the Gators finished fifth in the SEC in conference scoring, behind such state of the art offenses as Georgia’s and Tennessee’s. Meyer’s offense averaged just a hair over 22 points a game (actually less than that, if you net out defensive and special teams scores, but let’s not quibble here). How special is that?

Not very. Just to compare, the Gators in the last year of the Zook regime (2004) led the SEC in conference scoring, averaging over 31 points a game. A nine point drop – now that’s what I call progress. Yep, those SEC defensive coordinators have obviously been pulling their hair out in despair trying to cope with Meyer’s shiny new toy.

I can only hope the Gator offense continues to bedazzle the conference next season.


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2 responses to “Wake me up when the revolution gets here, would ‘ya?

  1. The jury is still out. This hybrid offense we are running now is not a true spread option. It’s also not a good option for Leak either. It’s crap IMO. Yeah they made it work enough to win but expect next year’s offense to be closer to WVU’s than this year’s UF offense.

    It’s actually supposed to be a big play offense rather than the ball control sh*t we run now.

    Next year we’ll see if the S-O works in the SEC in its pure form or will have to be modified again.


  2. KG, who’s gonna be the starting tailback for you guys next year?

    Everyone talks about how the offense wasn’t a good match for Leak’s talents, but you could say the same thing about Wynn, too.

    Seems to me his replacement is almost as important as Tebow in making the offense operate better in ’07.