“The beauty of March Madness”

Mark Bradley has a new angle as to why the BCS sucks: Urban Meyer is a hypocrite!

My head started spinning after I read this contradictory mess:

… And the trouble with the BCS is that it makes it tough on the outsiders. Boise State landed a berth in the Fiesta Bowl, yes, but that was only the slot created by the BCS as a sop to the smaller conferences, a slot made possible by the creation of the championship game itself. Boise State, lest we forget, was the only Division I-A school to finish undefeated. For this distinction it wound up No. 6 in the coaches’ poll, behind Southern Cal and LSU, each of which lost twice.

Do I think Boise State would have beaten USC or LSU in a playoff game? No, but I didn’t think Boise would beat Oklahoma in the Fiesta, either. (Neither did I think Florida would beat Ohio State.) The beauty of March Madness is that anything can happen. The failure of the BCS is that only a few things are allowed to happen. Two teams completed their regular seasons unbeaten, and only one was given the chance to play for the title. That’s just wrong.

Until there’s a playoff system, the wrongs will mount on annual basis, but I’m convinced there will never be a Division I-A playoff…

Bradley bitches that Boise State ended the season ranked lower than USC and LSU, both of which finished with more losses than did BSU. So what? Why couldn’t the exact same thing happen in an extended tournament? (In fact, it happens in the basketball tourney all the time.) I thought the issue addressed by the rankings is which team is better, and even Bradley admits that Boise State wouldn’t be likely to beat either USC or LSU in a playoff game.

Ultimately that doesn’t matter to him, because Bradley feels cheated out of possibilities. “Only a few things are allowed to happen.” Waaa!

What’s especially irritating to me about his reasoning is that he and much of the media are doing a lot more complaining about Boise being shut out of a NC game than the Bronco players and coaches are doing themselves. Implicit in the complaint is the attitude that winning the Fiesta Bowl isn’t satisfactory enough… that’s almost insulting, isn’t it?

I wonder what Bradley and others of his ilk would be saying right now about BSU if after winning the Fiesta Bowl, the Broncos got slammed in a following playoff game by… oh… 27 or more points. No doubt they’d feel a lot better about the outcome than the kids would.

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