Albom to BCS: This time it’s personal.

Kudos to Keltic Gator at Orange and Blue Hue, who’s unearthed this column by Mitch Albom in the Detroit Free Press, the not-so-cleverly titled “The ends junk the means“, which is meant to be Albom’s take on why the college football postseason truly sucks.

As bad as I thought Frank Deford’s anti-BCS piece was, Albom’s eclipses it in terms of simple, relentless stupidity. I think the reason for that is that Deford’s just seems to be filled with an Andy Rooney-esque crankiness, whereas Albom is writing after the BCS title game exposed him as just another idiot homer stumping for Michigan. He takes the result of the game as a personal affront. It makes his writing more reckless.

Were I a Gator fan, like KG is, I’d be pissed (which he is). Since I’m not, I just take Albom with a large grain of salt and chuckle over such insights as this:

… I don’t buy the “SEC is better” argument. First of all, U-M, OSU and Florida recruit nationally, not locally…


Read both pieces when you have the time.


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