It’s only money.

Wishful thinking at Alabama.

Reality at Georgia.

Compare and discuss.



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2 responses to “It’s only money.

  1. But have you met the big time boosters at these schools? Do they seem to lack political clout? How do you think they will react to losing their deductions or seeing a lesser product. Can you really invigorate the massas by attacking a national pastime?

    How will Iowa fans and Grassley constituents take this?

    Georgia is the only school that has that kind of department profit. Most schools budget up to their expected income and make maybe several million in profit.

    Oops, I mean the ones that make a profit since most schools LOSE money.


  2. KG, a couple of points in response:

    If ‘Bama is any indication, tax deductibility is overblown as a concern to boosters. The people in Tuscaloosa certainly don’t give a rat’s ass about anything right now but winning, whatever it costs.

    What I don’t underestimate, though, is (1) jealousy from academic types over what coaches are paid; (2) resentment over the power the coaches have in negotiating their deals with college administrators; and (3) the desire on the part of the NCAA to gain more control over college football, the biggest cash generator in college athletics.

    Do I see revoking the tax exemption as a sexy political issue? No way. Do I see it as a potential wedge issue between certain factions in college sports that may be used politically as a lever to restructure college football? Let’s just say I’m not so sure about that one…