Damning with faint praise, indeed

Over at the AOL Sports Georgia Fanhouse blog, Ted Kian asks the question “Is Willie Martinez the second best DC at Georgia since Erk?”

Once you see this list, that’s not too hard to answer:

Georgia has had eight defensive coordinators since Russell left after the 1980 season: Bill Lewis (1981-88), Richard Bell (1989-1993), Marion Campbell (1994), Joe Kines (1995-98), Kevin Ramsey (1999), Gary Gibbs (2000), Brian VanGorder (2001-04), Willie Martinez (2005-present).

The Goff and Donnan regimes were not exactly the glory years, were they… Marion Campbell? Kevin Ramsey (I’m still numb from the first half of that Auburn game)?

Mark Richt may not be perfect, but give him credit for realizing that the Georgia program could not consistently excel in the SEC without a high caliber defensive coach. The real question is whether Coach Martinez is that kind of coach. The 2006 season didn’t give a definitive answer one way or another as to that.

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