Proof that the NFL should drug test management

The Miami Herald is reporting a new candidate is being interviewed by the Dolphins for the head coaching job made vacant when Nick Saban took the ‘Bama job.

The new candidate is none other than Mike Shula.

This is either one of the stupidest things ever written in a major newspaper’s sports section, or the writer has a remarkable gift for sarcasm:

… Reaching out to Shula might be a good move for the Dolphins as the franchise is seeking someone with head coaching experience but also someone who will invigorate the fan base after five seasons without a playoff appearance.

If “invigorating the fan base” is the equivalent of the peasants storming the castle in Frankenstein, then that sounds about right.

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  1. Stupid? I’d call it a genius move. We’re talking about a Miami legend – one of the winningest coaches in NFL history who led the Dolphins to an undefeated season and capped it off with a Super Bowl vic…

    Oh wait…

    Never mind.