We interrupt the celebration to bring you this message.

Remember that “the whole dynamic of high school recruiting in the state of Georgia has changed” post that appeared on the Georgia Tech Fanhouse blog a couple of weeks ago?

You may want to put that champagne back on ice, podna.

Mark Schlabach is reporting at ESPN.com that Brian VanGorder, former defensive coordinator at Georgia, has resigned his head coaching position at Georgia Southern and will return to the pro ranks to join the Atlanta Falcons coaching staff as a position coach – which is the job he had before he went to GSU.

Aside from what in hindsight looks like some painfully bad career choices made by VanGorder, what does this have to do with either Georgia or Georgia Tech currently? Well, as Schlabach notes, one of the leading candidates to replace VanGorder is Tech recruiting coordinator Giff Smith. Smith has played no small part in the Jackets’ renaissance in recruiting the state of Georgia.

Should Georgia Tech lose Gailey and Smith in a matter of days, I suspect that “dynamic” may run out of steam quicker than you can say “Jasper Sanks did not fumble”.


UPDATE: Reality sets in. Hangovers can be a bitch, can’t they…


UPDATE #2:  Tech supporters can exhale.  Chris Hatcher will be the new HC at GSU, it looks like.


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3 responses to “We interrupt the celebration to bring you this message.

  1. Tenn_Dawg

    “Painfully bad career choices” is probably even understating it. This BVG thing is really biazzre. He had it made at UGA and had he stuck it out another two years and continued to produce top defenses he would have probably been a canidate for the Mich St. job when it came available this year. I was told by someone who supposedly sat beside some of his family at the ’03 SECCG that he loved Georgia and working for CMR and would only consider leaving UGA for a HC position at one of the Michigan schools or ND. As G-N-R once said in a song…..”You need a little patience…..yeah….yeah….just a little pateince”.

    Anyway, he was a great DC and LB coach and I would love to have him coaching UGA’s backers again. CWM has been courted by others but it looks like he may really understand how good he has it at UGA. I wish BVG could have realized that as well. Anyway I wish him the best.


  2. BVG’s really left a mess in Statesboro, as this article in the Savannah Daily News indicates: http://savannahnow.com/node/213550.

    Here’s my perverse thought for the day: let’s say Chan gets the Miami job and in the aftermath Tenuta leaves Tech for someplace else. What do you think the reaction would be if the new Tech coach offered VanGorder the DC job there? And what if he actually took the offer?


  3. Tenn_Dawg

    That would not be a good thing for the Dawg Nation. I would like to see him coaching our backers again and I wish him well as long as he is not coaching one of our rivals. I am going to try to forget that little thought now so it does not ruin my day.