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Vox Populi, and all that

The US House of Representatives, in its infinite wisdom, saw fit to pass a resolution honoring the Florida Gator football team for winning the MNC (hey, it’s at least a couple of minutes where they’re not doing any real harm to the Republic). Normally, this is the kind of stuff that passes unanimously and then the House moves on.

Not in this case, though. They could only muster 414 “aye” votes for the resolution (Boise State did one “aye” better on a similar congratulatory vote). Jack Kingston, a Georgia representative, actually voted “nay” on the Gator resolution, which vote is generating some righteous indignation in certain quarters on the ‘Net.

I’m more intrigued by the three guys that voted “present”. The “yea” vote is innocuous enough, and I can appreciate what Kingston did as a dyed in the wool Dawg fan, but why would someone be in the chamber and not have the stones to vote either way on something as trivial as this? Two voting “present” are from Georgia. I believe that Mr. Stark is from California. What’s up with that? Is he a fan of Southern Cal with a chip on his shoulder?

Enquiring minds want to know.


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Bobby Petrino is not human.

Let’s see. Bobby Petrino accepts the head coaching position for the Atlanta Falcons officially on January 8th. During that short stretch, has anyone had more influence on college football than he?

Seriously, in a mere eight days, his decision has affected the head coaching positions at four schools – Louisville, Tulsa (bonus points there for tying into the Arky soap opera), Rice and Georgia Southern.

If Giff Smith is offered and accepts the GSU head coaching job, which is not unlikely, that will impact Georgia Tech’s recruiting at the most critical time of the year, which means that Petrino would have touched two of the state’s biggest football programs in a significant way. (And if Martinez had gone after the Rice job, Petrino could have had the trifecta.)

Clearly this is no ordinary mortal we’re dealing with here. No doubt Chuck Norris is envious of Bobby Petrino. Compared to what’s been left in Petrino’s wake so far, Michael Vick’s issues are a mere drop in the bucket.

This is not a guy to trifle with.

Be afraid, Mr. Vick. Be very, very afraid.

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