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Kick me.

Evidently for Buck Belue, recruiting is pretty simple: if you’re a legacy because your dad played football at the school, you should get offered a football scholarship by Mark Richt.

I don’t get the sense of entitlement here. And it’s not like Drew Butler is being handed a bunch of bad choices, either. He can take a full ride at Duke, or he can be a preferred walk on at Georgia – which would seem to be some indication that he is wanted, after all – and compete for a starting job and a scholarship.

Georgia has done quite well with this approach to kickers to date. Andy Bailey, who will probably not get the opportunity to kick a field goal again in college, is the only kicker during Richt’s tenure to be offered a scholly out of high school.

That means Bennett, Kilgo, Ely-Kelso and Coutu went down the same path being offered to Butler now. Does Buck really think anything separates this kid from these players other than his dad? And, if not, why is that enough to justify different treatment?


UPDATE:  Butler gets his offer from Georgia.


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