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Why am I posting this?

Choose one:

  • It’s a slow news day;
  • I appreciate the originality of Dennis Dodd’s writing (check out the comments section in the linked article);
  • I really wanted to post this moronic quote from Jamie Newberg about the Zooker:

“The kids love him,” he said. “You go back and talk to the kids who just won at Florida, and there was a reason they went to Florida. The brunt of it was Zook. I would imagine he’s telling Illinois prospects the same thing — ‘Look at what we did at Florida, and we can do it at Illinois.’” [Emphasis added.]

  • I just had to post a gratuitous pic of the Zooker;

This is not a picture of an uptight white coach. Really.

(courtesy US Presswire)

  • All of the above.

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