“He gave no credit to anyone.”

The Saban era has begun – that is to say, in Tuscaloosa. Evidently it’s been continuing all along in Baton Rouge, we just didn’t realize it. From the Monroe News Star comes this:

In addition to visiting Curtis star Joe McKnight, Alabama coach Nick Saban has created a stir while visiting LSU commitments Phelon Jones, a cornerback from McGill-Toolen High in Mobile, Ala., and Luther Davis, a defensive end from West Monroe.According to both prospects, Saban took credit for LSU’s recent success as he signed most of the players involved in the Tigers’ 22-4 run since he left.

It doesn’t sound like he made that strong an impression:

“Great guy, but he is a little bit overconfident,” Jones’ father Tony is quoted as saying at Tigerbait.com.

No hard feelings, though:

“I don’t think the LSU coaches are upset with Saban,” according to Mike Scarborough of Tigerbait.com. “It probably just makes them very motivated to out-recruit him. I think they also think it’s unbelievable some of the things he is saying about LSU.”

Good thing they’re not upset. This will be fun to watch, I suspect.

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