Mitch Mustain, poster child for indentured servitude

Dennis Dodd lays it on thick in this piece on poor widdle Mitch and his momma:

… All that matters is that Mustain was granted a release from his scholarship last week. Now you have to root for him. You have to root for him if you were ever stuck in a bad marriage or had a boss (bleep) all over you. Mitch is us, wanting the best for himself.

A sense of entitlement? No more than anyone who deserves a promotion — or desperately wants a divorce.

My, how short our memories are. Perhaps someone should get Dennis a copy of Year of the Dog. I’m sure he could get young Mitchell to autograph it.

When you are a singular talent like Mustain, it’s about getting what you want out of life. That means the best coach and offense possible to develop your talent.

If that’s selfish, then selfish is good…

Mustain will eventually have his free scholarship again, at a place where he is comfortable. New fans will welcome him with open arms. You can bet his mother will be heavily involved in the process. Isn’t that the way it should be, everywhere?

Sounds great… except didn’t the kid and his mom have that opportunity the first go-round? Isn’t this the pheenom that committed to Arkansas, decommitted so he could shop around some more and then committed again?

So he made a mistake in his choice of schools. That’s not the end of the world, or even his college career. As Dodd acknowledges, Mustain still has three years to play (and that’s because the Nuttster granted his release, by the way).

The problem with Dodd’s piece isn’t the list of the injustices he complains about – I completely agree with his point about the graduate transfer rule, for example – it’s using the Mustains as some noble example to make his case. There are no heroes in this story. The only folks that deserve our sympathy are the fans of the Arkansas program. They’ve been screwed over by pretty much every player in this farce…

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