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If you can’t beat ’em…

change the rules.

According to the Knight Commission, the NCAA is considering asking for an antitrust exemption for college sports. You just can’t have those coaches making too much money. My concern is what the NCAA’s quid pro quo for the exemption would be.

For political double-talk, it’s hard to beat the honeyed tongue of University of Georgia president and uber-weasel Michael Adams:

“We’re seeing renewed interest in looking harder for solutions” to high coaches’ pay, Michael F. Adams, president of the University of Georgia and a member of the NCAA’s Division I Board of Directors, said in an interview after the commission’s meeting. “The competitive pressures are as great if not greater than they have ever been.”

I’m sure the coaches would welcome your solutions, bud.

Check out Mr. Miller’s two comments that appear at the end of his post. Somebody sure has a dry sense of humor.


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