“Support the troops”

Yeah, I know I said we should show sympathy for the Arky fans dealing with the fallout from the Broyles-Nutt-Malzahn-Springfield Three (and their parents) mess.

But I only meant the sane ones:

… Away from the road, one of the protesters amplified his discontent through a bullhorn.

“ It’s third down and 7, we don’t have Malzahn, what’s the play going to be ? ” said Matt Gaines, a 31-year-old truck driver recruiter from Rogers, through his bullhorn. “ A draw play. ”

Gaines also offered the platitude, “ Support the troops, not the coach, ” another reference to Nutt…

“ I’m tired of all the crap that’s happened ever since Coach Nutt’s been hired. He had two straight losing seasons [2004 and 2005 ] and we gave him a pass. It’s absurd. He should’ve been fired a long time ago…”

“… I’ve been waiting for Malzahn to get hired for years, ” Duncan said. “ He’s a great offensive mind. He can turn our program into something exciting if given the chance…”

Umm… Earth to delusional Hog fans:  your team won 10 games last season, played for the SEC championship and finished up in a New Year’s Day bowl game.  You have the single most exciting player in the conference.  That’s not exactly chopped liver.

Today’s words of wisdom come from UA freshman Harry McCarney:

… McCarney thought the rally was much ado about nothing.“ It’s just ridiculous, ” McCarney said. “ There’s not really a call for all this. People are just caught up in the moment. They’re just caught up in the frenzy and they smell blood.

“ The main reason I came to school here is because of Razorback football, but there’s too much emphasis on football here. Humphries Hall doesn’t even have air conditioning and no one is protesting that. These people are protesting because three of our four losses came to teams [USC, LSU and Florida ] that played in BCS bowl games. ”

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