I’m Georgia. You don’t know me.

As you can probably tell, I’m a sucker for articles that go back and look at past recruiting classes to see how they’ve panned out. I think it’s a valuable lesson to learn, especially as we watch any number of Georgia fans hyperventilating in the past week or so over the “failures” in recruiting the class of ’07.

So, I’m looking at this piece on CBS SportsLine that analyzes how the top ranked classes for 2003 have turned out, and I notice this blurb about #9 Georgia:

The Bulldogs landed 25 recruits with RB Kregg Lumpkin and DB Paul Oliver leading the way. Lumpkin has had a solid career, but was never considered one of the top running backs of the SEC. Same goes for Oliver — a solid defensive back, but nothing outstanding. Georgia did have some stars that have already started making waves in the NFL: TE Leonard Pope and LB Odell Thurman. Other key players were DB Thomas Flowers, LB Jarvis Jackson, OT Ken Shackleford and RB Danny Ware. Grade: B-

to which my immediate reaction is WTF? Oliver is a solid defensive back, but nothing outstanding, while Thomas Flowers, who didn’t even play in ’06, is a key player?

Here’s the final list of the 2003 Georgia commitments, per Rivals. Off there, I count some complete busts, like Cook, Graydon, Lee, McKinzey and Gainous, a couple of stars like Pope and Oliver and a lot of steady contributors. Darst’s overall grade seems a tad low, but since I can’t figure out his reasoning in the first place, I guess that doesn’t matter much.


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