Sensory overload

In case you can’t get enough of the Zooker (and let’s be honest, who really can?), help is on the way:

The Illinois football office announced this week that it will offer interactive online updates of NCAA National Letter of Intent Signing Day Wednesday.

For the second consecutive year, fans can log onto for a day-long blog, online chats and live streaming of coach Ron Zook’s signing-day press conference.

The coverage is scheduled to start at 7 a.m., when the War Room blog goes live from the football offices.

Later in the day, recruiting coordinator Reggie Mitchell, sophomore quarterback Juice Williams and Zook will all participate in online chats…

The “War Room blog”? Sounds mucho serious.

Still white. Still not uptight. Dude.

(photo courtesy Seth Perlman/AP)



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2 responses to “Sensory overload

  1. Thanks for the link. And you know the Zooker’s digging the water skiing up on Lake Michigan in the summer. Illinois is like Florida, only with a lower median age and lower football expectations. It’s just perfect for him.


  2. ACE

    why get excited about a recruiting class when they can’t win games?
    Zook is a hell of a recruiter, but can’t do anything with the players he recruits. Too bad he’s not still at UF.
    Like your blog – just stumbled on it.
    Go Dawgs!