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“If you sleep fast, you can sleep less.”

The Zooker’s alternate history:

… Zook is confident he would have guided the Gators to their second national championship if he had been allowed the chance to stay at Florida longer. And Zook believes he might have accomplished the feat sooner than Meyer, who won the BCS title in his second season at Florida.

“Absolutely, maybe a year earlier,” Zook said. “Chris Leak was a sophomore and we led the Southeastern Conference in every offensive category. As a player, you’re going to be better in your second year than you are in your first, and you’re going to be better in your third year than you were in your second. By your fourth year, you’re going to be better than you were in all the others. It was a young football team that made mistakes and you can’t buy experience. Before somebody makes a statement that I can’t coach, let me coach those players for four years.”

Zook believes the Gators were well on their way to becoming a national championship contender when he was fired.

“We had a blueprint and we put it in motion, and they made sure it came to fruition,” Zook said.

The Zooker, mythical national championship coach of the year, ponders a text message about the Gators’ ’05 season

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MapGameDay.com – cool tool

I’ve added two very cool links (h/t The Wizard of Odds). They’re both at a site called Map Game Day. The home page there will take you to any college stadium in the country, with maps and other info available. There’s also a recruiting map page that’s worth playing with, if you’re into such things – click on the post linked at The Wizard of Odds for some of the details.

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