Around the blogosphere, National Signing Day edition

  • There’s a “Gang of Six” sighting over at CFR:

Say what you want about the Gang of Six but five of the original six have now appeared in and won BCS games, including championships from USC and Florida. Three of the original six (USC, Boise State, Louisville) plus 2005 entrants Florida and Notre Dame were in this year’s series of BCS games.

And about Boise State… I never got to it around bowl time, but I ended up being a year early on my whole bold prediction thing. Boise slayed their dragon alright, it just took another year and for Jared Zabransky to do something other than melt down. There was an article by Austin Murphy in last week’s Sports Illustrated documenting the in’s and out’s of their Fiesta Bowl victory over Oklahoma that might be worth a look.

One can be good for a long time in college football with talent and a mundane offense, but the innovators alone are the ones who move the wheels of history.

  • And a thorough debunking of same by Mr. King at DawgSports.

(Ed. – Am I really supposed to believe that Florida and Southern Cal won their games because of offensive innovation to the exclusion of anything else? Or that Louisville wasn’t the clearly superior team from a talent standpoint in the Orange Bowl? And why couldn’t Charlie Weis’ offensive genius save his team from being overmatched by a fast, aggressive defense?)

  • David Ching has some last thoughts worth reading on the recruitment of Antwane Greenlee and D. J. Stafford.
  • Groo at DawgsOnLine reminds us that while we’re busy fretting over Signing Day, the kids already in the fold have started puking their guts out for us.
  • Mergz at Saurian Sagacity has a followup on his recruiting rankings/end of season polling analysis. He’s starting to draw some interesting conclusions:

In both studies, the eventual mythical national champion was ranked no worse than 9th in trailing 4 year average recruiting classes (9th for Texas, 4th for Florida). If these two studies hold true, we can expect at least 14 of the top 25 average classes to end the year ranked in the top 25 of the Coaches’ poll (likely a far better percentage than your average pre-season poll).

  • As for all you playoff fanatics who think that the system for NCAA basketball is far superior to the BCS setup we enjoy for D-1 football, go figure.

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