Recruiting roundup

So with the passing of National Signing Day, we’ve hit the first dead period of the year (when does spring practice start?). Before succumbing to the winter doldrums, here are a few things to absorb from yesterday:

  • Rust never sleeps: Urban Meyer is already getting his hooks into the class of 2009.
  • Judging from this, I don’t think Rodney Garner will be sending Antwane Greenlee a Christmas card this year.
  • Noel Devine. Deion Sanders. Say no more.
  • This text messaging shit has gotten out of control.
  • Is Charlie Weis a hypocrite?
  • HeismanPundit – here’s a different “Gang of Six” to consider.
  • They’re already getting a little testy up at Illinois over that NYT article about the Zooker’s recruiting.
  • Sometimes recruiting really is a numbers game.

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