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Now is the winter of Nutt’s discontent.

The Nuttster evidently has been blaming the media for the program’s recent woes, so the media strikes back.

And the Nuttster responds.

Right now, the best thing he’s got going for him is this. That should be good for eight wins for any team with a pulse.

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Stat overload – bowl game analysis

Sunday Morning Quarterback returns with his statistical look at last season’s games, this time focusing on what went on in the bowls.

Two big statistical factors jump out:

The quick and dirty, portable results:

Rank Category Win %
1. Turnover Margin .870 (20-3)
2. Yards Per Pass .839 (26-5)
3. First to Score .688 (22-11)
4. Time of Possession .645 (20-11)
  Yards Per Carry .645 (20-11)
6. Rush Offense .625 (20-12)
7. Total Offense .613 (19-12)
  Pass Offense .613 (19-12)
  3rd Down Efficiency .613 (19-12)
10. Penalty Yards .385 (10-16)

Turnover margin being such a key doesn’t surprise me.  As a general rule, bowl games would involve more evenly matched teams than you’d see over the course of a regular season and accordingly I would expect turnovers to play a heightened role in that environment.

So how did Georgia fare on that list?  In the CFA Bowl, the Dawgs won turnover margin, yards per pass, were the first to score, led in time of possession, yards per rush, outgained and outrushed Virginia Tech.  The Hokies carried the passing yards and third down efficiency categories and were penalized more than Georgia.

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Expletive deleted.

Also from the no love lost department:

LSU football coach Les Miles used an expletive in referring to the University of Alabama at a public signing day party attended by several thousand people in Baton Rouge.

“We’re looking forward to playing Florida,” Miles told a large crowd at Wednesday’s Bayou Bash recruiting party at the Baton Rouge (La.) River Center. “We’re looking forward to playing Auburn. But we have a new rival in f–ing Alabama.”

Does Saban honestly think he’s going to be able to recruit the state of Louisiana easily anymore?

As part of the same lovefest, be sure to check out what some dumbass columnist for the Opelousas Louisiana Daily World got sucked into printing.

In case you were wondering, LSU travels to ‘Bama to play on November 10, 2007.

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