Recruiting and demographics

From StateFans Nation:

Here’s the breakdown of how many Division I-A signees the traditional ACC states produce on an annual basis, relative to the number of I-A programs in the state:

Georgia 75 (150 signees, two teams) prospects per school,
Florida 50 (350/7),
Virginia 25 (50/2),
Maryland 20 (40/2),
South Carolina 20 (40/2),
North Carolina 12 (60/5).

Here’s the breakdown when you limit the same numbers to only BCS-conference teams:

Florida 87 (350/4) per school,
Georgia 75 (150/2),
Maryland 40 (40/1),
Virginia 25 (50/2),
South Carolina 20 (40/2),
North Carolina 15 (60/4).

Given that, here are some questions to ponder:

  • How much has Florida’s recruiting benefited from the recent slides of the FSU and Miami programs?
  • If the coaching changes at Miami and FSU (swapping Bowden for Fisher is, at worst, the functional equivalent of trading in a Yugo for a Camry) result in positive momentum for each program, how much will that affect Florida’s recruiting in the next few years?
  • As South Carolina garnered more recruits in its 2007 class from North Carolina (8) and Florida (11) than it did from in state (5), how much impact will Butch Davis, the new assistants at FSU and Randy Shannon have on future Gamecock recruiting classes?

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